Is it possible to install a alloy pull starter on

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by commanderroach1999, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. I want to add a alloy pull starter to a 50cc 2 stroke engine. It is a pedal start. I am just tired of pedaling to get the motor started. Picture below.

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    Yes, as he said, the mag hover is the same on both motor ccs, I think it's just one kind of grubee that has an elongated cover so the pull start wouldn't fit
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    Also on my bike I only have about 5 mm between pedal crank and the magneto case so a pullstart wouldn't work on mine unless I either bend pedal cranks or got a wide bottom bracket
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    Wouldn't need to pedal as much with a pull start to start your bike ;)
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    I don't mind pedalling, but you can easily start the bike by using a pedal as a kick start , I give mine about three pedals to about 5 mph starts no problems
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    I have seen and experienced enough problems with pull starters, strings breaking, springs snapping, pull handles pull off when the engine stops, nuts exploding out of the side and destroying my crankshaft...

    My bike using a jackshaft doesn't do the roll and drop method, it's more like I get rolling, even very slowly is fine. Then let the clutch out and give the pedals a bit of a push and the engine turns over and starts. Since I'm not a big fan of actually pedaling (most of us here aren't) I could live with not being able to make a full uninterrupted cycle with the cranks. I did live with that for a time with a temporary reroute of my muffler, it didn't even phase me since I rarely back pedal either, only issue was physically rolling the bike backwards at times could be a hassle since the pedals freewheel backwards till they stop on an obstruction, then rolling the bike backwards locks up the wheel since it's engaging the pedals and trying to push them past the object.

    This would be an issue for both drivetrain set ups, if you could live with the minor inconvenience then I'd go for it if it wasn't for the fact that pull starters just don't get along with me or seemingly anyone I know.

    Good luck and wear those damn helmets people.
  8. Have to get a little exercise!lol