is it possible?

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    just wondering. it may start a new trend in forum board layouts! is there anyway the pages, the text, could be formatted so as to appear in columns, newspaper style? so that when someone writes a post that has no spaces, punctuation, etc, that other people can at least read them? i know i have always liked using my enter key, and it does tend to make my posts look longer than they are, but most everyone agrees, that narrow columns are far easier to read than page wide sentences...just wondering... cus i seriously HATE reading ANYTHING on a PC... all my technical stuff...i print it out. i started reading at 3 or so, and the only time that i have ever had trouble reading is when i started using a computer and found that even i can get confused as to which line comes next after scanning my eyes across a 2 foot page...

    yeah, that could take some in-depth coding... and it definitely isnt a readily implemented option judging by every forum board i have ever read.

    cmon, start a trend!