Is it Right for Me?


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Feb 12, 2008
I am interested in getting a frame mounted 80cc 2 stroke for my bike. It would probably be mostly used for short trips to the skatepark or school. But I would also want to do some multi-day trips up to clear lake or something, and maybe one day ride up to oregon. (I live in Northern California, just north of SF.) So would a frame mounted 2 stroke be the right choice for me?


Jan 6, 2008
I say GO FOR IT!. Buy A Happy Time KIt

How big is your bike.
The size of the engine in relation to the DIAMOND shaped opening in your bike frame dictates how successful your install will be.
I squeezed a happy time into a Roadmaster Mt Fury.
Can you say shoehorn please.
Lots of fun.
Buy a GOOD bike lock. LOL. Or random people will be riding it instead of you.
One time a group of kids had my cheap locks undone in about 80 seconds.
I turned when it got quiet.
If I had been all the way in the store---Well.
You Will Like it.


since you're 16 and looking for a 2 stroke motored solution to an existing bike, the only limiting factor is pretty much frame size. Any frame mounted engine will get you around semi-reliably with some constant love and attention, and then it's just a choice of size and quality. We need pics of your bike or at least a link to the model to evaluate viability of those things.

Apart from that, you might have trouble getting off the thing once you get to the skate park, because it's too much fun, it really is. Keep in mind the bike can't be laid on it's side once you get the engine, 'cause the tanks leak without major-mods/replacement. Also keep in mind these engines (especially the cheaper ebay 2 stroke Happy Time type engines) require a lot of constant attention. Don't get me wrong, it's worth it, but if you're someone who doesn't like to get a little bit greasy or aren't a little mechanically inclined, it might be a bit frustrating for you. On the other hand, any problem you have, there is this community to back you up, we haven't failed yet i don't think!