Is it time to go? Only been 2 years.


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Jun 21, 2021
Calhoun County, Michigan
The time has come. The bike has proven itself my favorite form of transport, but it might be going. I found a real nice Yamaha jog 1993 2 stroke slightly modified and the guy would be willing to trade for my bike. I love my bike and it seriously almost makes me cry when I think about it and I don't know why. I'm most likely saying goodbye to the bike in a day or two. Tommorow is going to be my last ride to school maybe. I planned on keeping this bike forever and giving it to my son but it's natural human desire to always want the next best thing. I'm not smart with money or decisions, so I'm kind of asking for your guy's help. You've been here since my 49cc crap bike with a busted crank bearrang and ridden with no engine studs. let me know your opinions I really just want to hear them all.

I got some cool pics of it while I was working on it. I think tomorrow I'm gonna record a video because it will most likely be my last ride to school. Pipe in the air was an old pic just for a day of fun, only have one pic of pipe welded properly.

Today I was just going over it, added a clutch spring for ease, re-did my brakes, changed clutch pads, cleaned carb, just all the general matinence to get it ready. 20220717_212841.jpg

Please tell me your opinions don't worry about not forcing anything on me I really just need to hear what you all have to say.

If I sold this bike, all of my other engines and bikes I gave away to my friends for free, so we could ride and stuff. I'm not gonna take my bikes back, that's rude. But if this bike goes, I'm officially out of the motorized bike community til I can buy a new one.

It just seems like there is so much emotion to my bike, it being my only vehicle, I rode it when I was happy, sad, I'd storm outta the house on a horrible day and the only thing there was my bike, get into a fight with friends I still got my bike. It sounds retarded typing it out but I think I'll have trouble trading it.

Please lmk! You guys are great and have been there since day 1, so thanks!

Tommorow after school I'm going to go get my camera, and upload the pictures from that. Its a camera more expensive than a car, got it from my grandma. Once I learned to use it, I can take the world's best photos. When me and my friend took our bikes up north I got plenty of pictures I can't wait to share with you all. I might have to get a picture of me with my bike before it goes, that one is being printed and going in the good ol wallet.

It was a great ride. Only god knows if this journey is over.


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I say go for the trade if the bike you're trading for is at least road worthy. You have the hands on experience to build a good motorized bicycle now. That experience can never be taken away from you. You can always build another motorized bicycle.
There's something about a motorized can be fun like no other 2 wheeled cycle.
The new scooter will add another chapter in your riding experience. You'll get to see what a bike with actual suspension feels like. Who day you may be telling us you're on a Honda CBR1000. Then you'll know what power feels like when you screw the throttle on. :)
Well man, i can tell you this, that Jog WILL be more reliable, more comfortable to ride, and get better MPG while being road legal (ie cops have essentially no good excuse to pull you over, unlike the motorized bike) speeds are gonna be slower (roughly 35mph max on a stock bike, probably closer to 30 on normal roads)

HOWEVER, you have a LOT of time and really skill into that bike and I can see you are sentimental about it. It's like your first car, you wouldn't trade it for the world.

that jog is one of the most diverse platforms of the scooter game. Escessatally the LS of scooters. you can mod em, bore em out and stroke em to 100+cc's, make them hit 90 etc. with enough $$$ of course. and it gets expensive QUICK (being a scooter, racing top ends start at 300$ and go up from there, prostock road stuff is around 200$, a good intake +pipe + carb setup, another 2-300$)

BUT the question remains, are the memories that you made with the motorized bike worth trading?

Only YOU can answer that question.
Thanks for the input. I'm waiting for a response from the moped guy. If he finalizes his decision then I'm getting the moped. I think he might've gotten a cash offer, its up to him which he picks. This is out of my hands now. Wish me luck!
Thanks for the input. I'm waiting for a response from the moped guy. If he finalizes his decision then I'm getting the moped. I think he might've gotten a cash offer, its up to him which he picks. This is out of my hands now. Wish me luck!
Your gonna miss the attention your M/B would get,
Nobody is gonna look at the scooter the same way,
Have you checked into the differences in laws where you live? A MB here doesn't require insurance, license endorsement, or registration but a scooter does, even a 50cc. That includes a scooter endorsement on your license. Obviously, your state might be different, but you may want to prepare yourself for potential costs.