Is it time to go? Only been 2 years.

The only street bike i ever owned was a 71 yamaha xs400 special 2,
I used to have an RD400 way back when, two stroke smoke yahoo. Drove that thing everywhere, on road, off road, you name it.
Then I graduated to a Harley 45, that I sold a year later for 3 times what I paid and bought this new fangled bike a Yamaha XS650 special.
XS650 was an Iconic bike, great classic look with the growl. 400 was a lil weak but a good bike, kinda like the KZ400. Budget bikes for beginners. Look at that solid front disc, no more of those around.
The time has come. The bike has proven itself my favorite form of transport, but it might be going. I found a real nice Yamaha jog 1993 2 stroke slightly modified and the guy would be willing to trade for my bike. I love my bike and it seriously almost makes me cry when I think about it and I don't know why. I'm most likely saying goodbye to the bike in a day or two. Tommorow is going to be my last ride to school maybe. I planned on keeping this bike forever and giving it to my son but it's natural human desire to always want the next best thing. I'm not smart with money or decisions, so I'm kind of asking for your guy's help. You've been here since my 49cc crap bike with a busted crank bearrang and ridden with no engine studs. let me know your opinions I really just want to hear them all.

I got some cool pics of it while I was working on it. I think tomorrow I'm gonna record a video because it will most likely be my last ride to school. Pipe in the air was an old pic just for a day of fun, only have one pic of pipe welded properly.

Today I was just going over it, added a clutch spring for ease, re-did my brakes, changed clutch pads, cleaned carb, just all the general matinence to get it ready.View attachment 180546

Please tell me your opinions don't worry about not forcing anything on me I really just need to hear what you all have to say.

If I sold this bike, all of my other engines and bikes I gave away to my friends for free, so we could ride and stuff. I'm not gonna take my bikes back, that's rude. But if this bike goes, I'm officially out of the motorized bike community til I can buy a new one.

It just seems like there is so much emotion to my bike, it being my only vehicle, I rode it when I was happy, sad, I'd storm outta the house on a horrible day and the only thing there was my bike, get into a fight with friends I still got my bike. It sounds retarded typing it out but I think I'll have trouble trading it.

Please lmk! You guys are great and have been there since day 1, so thanks!

Tommorow after school I'm going to go get my camera, and upload the pictures from that. Its a camera more expensive than a car, got it from my grandma. Once I learned to use it, I can take the world's best photos. When me and my friend took our bikes up north I got plenty of pictures I can't wait to share with you all. I might have to get a picture of me with my bike before it goes, that one is being printed and going in the good ol wallet.

It was a great ride. Only god knows if this journey is over.
Trade, build a new one. They bike will always love you, but be happy you shared her with another soul to pilot. These bikes like when you let others ride them and enjoy them. They also know you will build more of them to spread through the world. I know you feel for them, I still have my first bike. lol. It's to beat up to sell, but still way fun. So trade her, and build a new one.
Wrench, how does the Harley compare to the Star? Quality, ride etc. For some reason the big Japanese bikes never took off like HD's. talking 1300cc or bigger. They have to be as good in my opinion, never owned a bike that big though.