Is motovelo us ..also gone now?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Ixlr8, May 20, 2011.

  1. Ixlr8

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    now it would seem that motovelo us is also gone, been messaging them for 3 days now. And today I find out that the number they give is disconnected...its frustrating when you finally have the money and not one vendor has it or just wont respond back.

    so does anybody know if they are still around?? thanks

  2. Oddzball

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    Ah you live in california too. Most places wont even ship 2 strokes there. Against state laws..
  3. Ixlr8

    Ixlr8 Member

    yup, I do live in California most of the year, but right now in my home in clarkdale AZ..So I have it a little easier I just have it shipped to az.
  4. Oddzball

    Oddzball Member

    There is a guy in tucson selling kits. Prices are a little high but not horrible. You could literally drive down and pick one up. Save on shipping. I live in az too.

    185 bucks. New slant style.
  5. Ixlr8

    Ixlr8 Member

    thanks for the reply oddzball........actually just got off the phone with motovelo us..and I have to say hes a nice guy. he's obviously a hp freak as bad as me..thats a good thing. thanks guys for your replies.
  6. rustycase

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    I was born here in the Golden State, Land of Opportunity.
    I remain here, today. (take that as you may.) It's my home.

    What we need is an outlaw who will re-ship to us for a small fee.

    Sry, oppressive gubment is an impediment to progress.
  7. Ixlr8

    Ixlr8 Member

    I would volunteer to do this but,frankly I have had nothing but trouble and just don't trust china vendors anymore, at least none that I have tried. being honest here I have had more luck buying off of ebay then anywhere else. in fact have purchased some of my best motors there..although I really dont care for ebay and the way they conduct business. But that is just my experience.
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    Hey This is Aydin, the owner of
    Just found this thread, and no we are not closed.
    Thanks for the nice words Ixlr8, if anyone needs anything feel free to call us anytime!


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