Is my OCC Schwinn 'Ultra Rare'?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Muso, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Muso

    Muso New Member

    I'm looking to sell my OCC Schwinn but while I was doing some pricing research I came across this. Can anyone confirm that my bike is really this special? And what about the glitter seat?

    If indeed it is how much of it's value was killed by the paint job the previous owner had done?

    I'm attempting to get an honest estimate of what I should ask for this bike. I was thinking $100 for the bike, $150 for the engine, $20 for the motor mount, $20 for the bikeberry sound dampeners, $10 for the upgraded fuel cut off switch and brass filter, $20 for the ape hangers, and $10 for the extra innertube I have for the rear tire. Anyone who has put one of these together would agree that $100 for assembly is pretty reasonable. I know that equals $430 but I was looking to get $400 for the whole sha-bang.

    Any input is appreciated. I got a great deal on this bike ($300 un-assembled with an extra engine) and wouldn't have a problem paying it forward, but I don't want to give away something special to someone who won't appreciate it. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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  2. DeathProof

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    i cant tell u anything about the bike sorry except that it looks flippin awesome!
  3. Cavi Mike

    Cavi Mike Member

    The "adult" XL stingray is pretty rare as is the springer version (Spoiler) but the one you have is fairly common.
  4. Muso

    Muso New Member

    blowing smoke?

    So the people behind are just trying to scam people into spending $400 for a bike that regularly pops up on Craigslist and Ebay for $100 or less? The pegs and front fender are common?
  5. Cavi Mike

    Cavi Mike Member

    Pretty much. I got mine for $100, it's chrome. It didn't have a front fender but they can be found on eBay for pretty cheap or you can just use a fender from something else. There was a silver one in a local pawn shop for months for 120. I see them on craigslist all the time.
  6. Ya I see them selling around $100-200 local
  7. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    I paid $50.00 for this (just the bike). My oldest sons build. (20 photos)
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  8. Muso

    Muso New Member


    I've done a little more research and found that, while only 3,500 of this model were produced thus making it quite rare, it's only as valuable as any other OCC Schwinn. I doubt anyone out there is desperately looking for chopper pegs. I feel like $400 is a conservative and reasonable price to ask.
  9. Cavi Mike

    Cavi Mike Member

    Hey, if someone will give you $400 for yours, more power to you. Just don't be in a rush to get that money, it might be a while before that big catch.
  10. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I picked up my standard black (2004 version) o.c.c. for $25.00 in the condition you see it here. (except I removed the decals before i took the picture, and i got rid of the stock seat.)

    I picked up this red spider bike version (from 2006 i think) for $40.00 in the condition you see it here.

    Notice that the black one has no front fender, no front foot pegs, no front brakes, standard drag bars, and standard front hub.
    Notice that the red spider bike has the front fender, front foot pegs, front brake, spider webbed high-ride bars, spider web front hub, and spider webbed decals.
    these are nothing special in my mind, but if you think that you can get $400.00 for the one you have, go for it.
  11. Muso

    Muso New Member

    $400 Total

    In case there was any confusion; I'm selling the bike with the motor and everything else for $400. Most I've seen in my area are between $400-$500. Sure it's cool, somewhat unique, and comes with all the difficulties of assembling an OCC Stingray, but I don't want to have to wait forever to find that one person willing to part with a lot of money.
  12. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I was offered $1,000.00 for mine as you see it here.
    but of corse, that was just talk from someone with no money.
    I was thinking $400.00 for mine as it sits, just like what you're thinking.
    Mine has a lot of custom parts on it that I made by hand and I have a lot of time invested in it.
    but like they say...something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
    if you find that one person who HAS to have it, then it'll sell for what you're asking.
  13. Muso

    Muso New Member

    If I could...

    That's the kind of build I was hoping to put together. I love the custom tank and slant head. That's a really nice exhaust too. I can't tell you how many times my chain popped until I got the tension right. I've always wanted to add a custom seat post so the seat sits over the rear fender (I'm 6'1"). My stingray is my first experience with motor bikes and after I started wrenching on it I quickly realized how much time, money, and tools/resources are actually needed to make the vision in your head a reality. Slapping things together hap-hazard is hard enough but making sure your bolts are torqued but not stripped, minimizing exposed wiring, and generally keeping things visually appealing is a a whole different beast. Of course to the average street oggler all those stripped bolts, exhaust kinks, and sloppy wires are invisible.
  14. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I made the exhaust and I made the tank.
    The tank was originally on a west coast chopper bicycle, and it took a lot of work to make it a functional gas tank. I made the exhaust out of the stock pipe, and a long pipe that i bought off e-bay for $30.00. I combined the 2, and modified the baffle in the muffler.
    yes, keeping your build clean (wiring, nuts and bolts) makes a huge difference in the way it looks.
    I've been called a perfectionist, so messy wiring and stripped nuts & bolts are a no-no.