is pirate cycles still in business?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by blckwlfny!, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. blckwlfny!

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    I've. Been tryin to reach them by phone and email. Anyone know what's up with pirate cycles?

  2. plinko

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    News to me!!!!! I hope they still In business.Keep trying.I know they been busy with all the calls and on their website they been stating they could not get to everyone due to so many people and them being a 2 man business.All I can say Is keep trying.
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    They are probably busy making their high performance happy time engines that never came to fruition.
  4. plinko

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    I had good business with them In the past.But I do admit this pirate engine thing has took too long now.Last time I checked was 2 months ago and they posted the wait Is over.We will have pirate engines available In the next 2 weeks.Still see the same thing 2 months later.I wonder what has happened that has caused pirate engines to be late as they have been.
  5. plinko

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    I just e mailed pirate cycles and got a response to why the pirate engines did not pan out.Justin told me he hired rich to build them and he renigged then he had Jim to build them and he renigged also.Justin said If money cannot get them built and finish the pirate engines. What can I do? So skyliner I would suggest maybe thanking rich and jim for not having the pirate engines out for us to enjoy Instead of bashing Justin for rich and Jim's failure to do a job.Justin pretty much moved on to grubee 4 strokes which are 400 bucks.morini's going for 660 bucks,And ezm 4 stroke In frame engines for 600 bucks.I sympathise with Justin on the pirate engines.And he might as well just wipe em off his site and move on with something else.And I am not just saying this cuz I bought his products and like his business.I sent an e mail and asked cuz I was getting kinda bummed out and aggrevated that the pirate engines did not come out yet.I said what I had to say and Pirate Is still In business.But,He should scrap the pirate engines off his website If they are not gonna be produced.If what Justin said Is true.And he been honest with me as a vendor and friend so far since I did business with him. I want to Thank you Jim and Rich for your Bickering, Inability to produce these engines Justin paid you for, And forcing people to either buy 400 to 600 buck outfits not all of us can afford or caring for the m.b. community In general. Sincerely,Plinko a.k.a. Joshua.
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