Is tc-w3 outboard 2 stroke engine oil bad for bike engines

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  1. I came to the realization my oil may not be good for my engine.I been using the wall mart brand super tech 2 cycle tc-w3 outboard engine oil which said on It that It could be used for motorcycles and chainsaws also.And noticed my cylinder was scuffed and piston rings worn within 300 miles despite the fact I run 8 oz oil to 1 gallon gas.Someone please help me on this and tell me If I messed up or If this stuff Is good and just got a bad motor.This oil Is ashless by the way.I am so confused.:icon_cry:
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    You want to run a "low ash" API TC or JASO FC/FD oil rated for air cooled two cycle engines.

    As I described in your other thread the WalMart SuperTech TCW-3 oil states that it can be used in chainsaws, trimmers, and motorcycles that specify TCW-3.

    It is possible that the incorrect oil contributed to your premature engine failure, especially if you ran WFO most of the time. Chances are, the carb may have been jetted a little too lean for your particular operating conditions. This causes the combustion temps to skyrocket and starves the engine of lubricating oil. (you can burn 'em up with 20:1 and lean jetting)
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    Its too thin and is made for watercooled engines. What you need is Maxima 927 or any cheapo oil mixed 50/50 with castor oil (I get my castor from Sig via a radio control hobby shop). Use only 4 oz per gallon. 8oz of any oil can affect your engine and cause it to run lean if it was already "leaning" that way-no pun intended.
  4. I feel pretty stupid now

    Dang:dunce:.I feel pretty dumb now.I thought about this after you mentioned castor oil skyliner.Only time I ever seen castor oil was When my grandma would use It as a laxative.It was In a lil green bottle for medical uses.I never knew castor oil was used In vehicles until I looked It up on the net.Dang!!!!! I feel stupid.I bought the tcw 3 ashless oil cuz It said for use In boats and motorcycles.Never said anything about kiquid or air cooled engines.I am truly embarassed and have no 1 but myself to blame.:goofy:
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    Go to Home Depot and get Lawn Boy Oil, smells good. Also, most auto parts stores should have Pennzoil Two Cycle Ail Cooled Oil, oil for air cooled and water cooled are different.
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    The Pennzoil Air Cooled 2T oil has been discontinued, getting harder to find.

    Oil made for PWC, or 2T motorcycle oil is suitable, but expensive. ($6-8/qt.) But then again, a quart of 2T oil is good for hundreds of miles of riding.

    I still think that even outboard oil will work fine for a while as long as the mixture isn't lean, and the engine isn't revved like stink.
  7. I ran the TC-W3 in my motorized bike at 32:1 for a summer. I went through a gallon of the oil, so 32 gallons of gas. I put over 3000 miles on it. Winter came and I tore it down and saw very little scuffing. Maybe I had it jetted right, even with the cheap NT carb. Pulled the plug and it was always a nice tan color as it should be. As my name suggests, I am no expert. I sold the bike after 5000+ miles on it without ever needing a rering and kept in contact with the buyer. He never had a problem. My 2 cents.
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