Chain Tensioner Is The Chain Tensioner Really Needed?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by TINKERER, Mar 9, 2009.


    TINKERER Member

    I decided that my frame geometry allows me to go without the chain tensioner, I have not tried to drive with it like this yet but, there seems to be just the perfect amount of slack/tension. Is this a good thing? I hate the look of the tensioner is it ok to go without one?

  2. cooltoy

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    Lots of people do this including myself. It's nice if you can slide the wheel backwards at a later date for adjusting.
  3. fetor56

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    I use the same spring-loaded chain tensioner system on all my bikes & concider it an essential add-on....once setup u never need to adjust anything.
    PS....a GOOD chain also helps.

  4. srdavo

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    Anybody can make a chain the correct length. Sometimes there is not enough room for the chain to travel beside the chainstay. This is true on a lot of older bicycles. (schwinn single speeds, etc)

    If you can get by without the tensioner... more power to ya!! It makes for a quieter driveline.

    TINKERER Member

    I just went for about a five mile ride before it got dark, It's smooth and quiet, I still have about a half inch of adjustability left on the dropouts, so I think I will be ok for a while.
  6. kyndpurplebiker

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    My tensioner was never an option after eating it up in 20 miles.....

    I just popped my chain, remeasured and re-set it....

    It wasn't and hasn't been a problem since.....

    good luck...


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