Is the engine bad, it will not stay running? PLEASE HELP ME!



Please, anyone who reads this please write to me any kind of info, even if you are repeating it. PLEASE
My new engine is having a hard time running. It starts up and pulls me around, but it can't make it around my block, only around half of it. Unless I play with the throttle pulling it back as much as I can and it gets the engine running healthy again, or when I flip the lever/switch on the Carburetor up then down again. Playing with the Carburetor works better.
The problem though is that the engine eventually in small distances doesn't sound/work too good and gives weaker or no pull, sounding like it is dying with a lower duller noise when I pull the throttle back around half way. That is when I play with it to get it running healthy again.
Are there any tips on how to fix this to keep it so it permanently works healthy giving me good pull? I think another problem that might go with this, is that the engine sounds like it is puttering starving for gas. What should I do?
I am still on my first tank but I still don't think something like this should be happening. (I start the engine with the lever up then ride with lever down)


I looked at my engine even more and put electrical tape around it where you all suggested. It sadly still has the same problem :cry: I don't think there is any kind of leak. But now think that I need to bend or flip the Intake Manifold Steel pipe connecting the Carburetor to the engine. This would put it in a steeper angel so the mixed gas could go more easily down it to the engine. since I don't think the angle of it isn't the best.

Should I give this a try, would this be a good idea? Also would the premium gas I mixed the oil with cause this problem?


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Aug 4, 2006
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I had a problem, it was after probably going through 4 tanks of gas, but what happened was my intake manifold gasket was broken. Where the intake pipe meets the engine block had a leak, so the mixture was always screwed up. I took it off, and made a gasket out of a cereal box, and put it back on and everything worked fine!

I dunno if its that, but you might want to look and see. (I could tell the gasket was bad just by looking. it was way obvious)


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Nov 4, 2006
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yes and make sure your intake is bolted on tight & the clamp that holds the carb on. you should also check the screw on the side of the carb. it should be turned in....clockwise, all the way, then opened...counter-clockwise three and 1/2 turns.


Poor running lean

Sounds to me like you engine has a leak on the intake... as the other guys indicate there is the chance of a leak from the gasket between the inlet pipe to the cylinder...... But there is more of a chance of leakage from where the carby fits onto the inlet pipe..... this is caused by the carby if not pushed on all the way and past the slots in the carby mounting clamp...... To check for a leak get the engine running and then spray WD 40 around the joint if there is a leak the engine will change speed or even stop, some fly sprays use a flamable propellant and this can be used also...... You can also just wrap insulating tape tightly around the carby join and over the clamp and see if this makes a diference.... I used a small "O" ring as a seal between my carby and the end if the inlet pipe....
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I Found Out What Was Wrong!!!

Today I went to my neighbore and showed him my bike telling him my problem. I made sure to tell him that the only way to keep the engine from dying is playing with the throttle or the CARBERATOR. What he ended up telling me is that after I start up the engine, keep the carberator's lever up but lower it around 2mm.



If you have to run with the choke partially on after the engine is warmed up, it sounds like your mixture is too lean. This may be due to low compression due to rings not yet seated. If this continues afte engine is broken in then vacuum leak, fuel delivery problem or mixture incorrect.