is the titanium spokes stronger then most??

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by thine82, Nov 29, 2010.

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    $57.99 a set, yikes.

    I don't know that titanium would be much stronger than stainless. They might be somewhat lighter-weight.


    Once a few years back when I was browsing blindly I ran across a Chinese-language bicycle site for a manufacturer that had EVERYTHING for MTB's made from titanium. Titanium rims, titanium chains, titanium pedals. Pretty much any part of a standard MTB was there....

    They didn't give prices since they only sold in volume anyway.
    Ever since though I've wondered what a complete bicycle made from titanium would cost.... :|
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    You should just go with heavy gauge steel spokes, these will give you the strongest wheel, you have to remember that all those fancy spokes are for weight nerds (Me being one of them), they arn't concerned with durability as much as getting their bike under 19 pounds. I say spend the money on Teny wheels, you will never have to replace them if you run disc brakes, cheaper in the long run.
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    Spokes made from unobtanium are stronger. If you can't find and/or afford unobtanium spokes, heavy guage steel is the way to go.