is there a better air filter element?


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9:57 PM
Jun 4, 2008
i took my bmx air filter off, & replaced my stock air filter, on my 70 cc ht . i like the looks better. i want to find a material to make a new filter element. i need something that that the best filtering ability, with the least resist to air flow. any suggestions?
Maybe a good lawn mower shop or small engine repair shop might have your answer.. When I was repairing small engines that were worked very hard in extra dirty situations -- we only used standard air cleaners... If you are looking for something more -- I am sure that it's out there.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
after thinking about what mountain man said,i thought about the abuse i have put my 5 ft. trail mower against, & it's always clean as a pin inside . i had an extra air filter, form the 13 hp briggs's folded like a media type central ac filter. i unfolded the element, scraped the gasket off, traced out a pattern from the stock foam element, cut it out, & put it in the filter housing. it filters much better, & breathes just as freely. plus if i unfold the whole filter( from the briggs filter, i should have enough for, oh i'd say about ten years.thanks for the ideas.