Carby Is there a Carb Doctor in the House?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Donald M. Haney, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Took the bowl off my Happy Time carb to tweak the wishbone shape tangs to allow the float to come up a little. Re-installed, turned on the gas, and it poured out all over the place. OK.... tweak it back down a little, several attempts later, stopped the drizzle, now it just burns what's in the bowl and dies. Prime again... runs 50 feet, dies again, etc.

    Appears to be assembled correctly, but the wishbone thing didn't have a hinge pin installed, so I put one in.

    Piddled with this thing all afternoon, and can't seem to get it.:confused:


  2. srdavo

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    I'm no doctor....but I have pics.

    I doubt these pics will help you, since you've already had it apart.

    when you say "prime", are you putting fuel into the carb thru the air cleaner opening? if so...your needle valve is prolly stuck.

    or are you pushing the "tickle" button on the carb?

    try removing the fuel bowl, with the fuel line still connected. turn the petcock on & fiddle with the "wishbone thing".
    let us know what happens.
    good luck.
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    Also run it with the gas cap loose as a test. To take tank vacume/flow out of the senario.
    Also make sure the small tank filter (inside the pitcock) isnt half clogged up.
  4. I love how these things continually make me look like a monkey. The wishbone inside the bowl is secured, or shall I say that it hinges on a small pin. I missed the fact that the pin fell on the floor when I took off the bowl. I did note that the pin was not installed, and after the usual half-a#$ed search for the pin, I made the assumption that the thing was put together at the factory without a pin. I substituted a piece of safety wire for the pin. Too sloppy, and didn't work. At least not well enough to function normally. This morning, I found the pin right under the bike, gleaming in the morning sun. Installed pin, rode bike all day. The end.

    Don "The Monkey"
  5. graucho

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    LOL,:grin: You learned through your adventure. Good job.
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    Mountainman be careful

    well - that was a good find there

    a friend and I were working the other day on some elect type braker
    out on a water well job
    I got to acting a little to fast
    small spring shot out on the dirt ground
    we were on our hands and knees for some time
    the job site was many miles from parts store
    we took a ball point pen apart
    cut the spring to size
    worked perfect
    Mountainman you know better - careful when you take THINGS apart

    ride that thing
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    float level set too high? set to specs, do not guess. at the same time, inspect the needle valve's black tip. what to look for: if you can see a ring around the black tip, it indicates the tip is worn and float valve failure is present or on the way. Keep in mind the needle valve takes a beating from vibration as the bike gets pounded over bumps, etc.

    Proper float level setting is critical for a reliable running engine and equally for proper optimum performance and fuel economy. As much a 1/32nd of an inch either way can spell problems.