Is there a metal idler wheel?

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  1. John-Forrest

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    I am wondering if there is such a thing as a METAL idler wheel - instead of the cheap plastic ones we usually use. My wheels seem to wear out and crack - also have problem with wheel getting stuck, not moving - chain just slides over it.

    Do we really NEED these chain adjuster, idlers? They just seem to create resistance and make it hard to peddle bike. I don't see them on motorcycles or bicycles or mopeds - so why do we need them? Because chain is too long? Then make chain shorter.


  2. levsmith

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    Im not sure if there is one but i think i am going to make one in my class for my bike, i have 2 bearings that i didnt use, so i might be able to make one for you but i wont gaurantee anything until i can figure out how much time i have. are you looking for a steel or aluminum one?
  3. hot70cc

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    i'm thinking if you use a metal wheel your gonna ruin your chain from metal to metal friction grease or no grease. I would stick with the plastic one, or just remove it all together. IMO
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    many engines out in the working (trades) world use metal
    they work very well and with good bearings -- very long lasting
    small engine parts stores carry them

    there are also many good types noted here on this site

    ride that thing

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    theres a avery good thread about this issue.. i would search for it. they basically bought some random parts from tractor supply co. (around 15 $$) and made a springloaded heavy duty tensioner. i plan on making one myself.
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    There are cheapies on fleabay - for minibikes etc.

    A lot of motorbikes use them where there is a lot of movement in the swingarm (ie. dirtbikes, supermoto etc.)
  7. Gungatim

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    I picked up a small diameter metal one from local hardware. It is an idler wheel for lawn mowing decks, universal, so most TSC's have them in the pulley and v-belt department. They have a bearing in them and a wide flat face where the chain/belt rides. I haven't used it yet, but it should be a good substitute on my next build.
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    tensioner a little closer to engine ?

    that's a pretty nice looking chain tensioner setup you made there

    as I look at your second picture listed
    do you think that it may be a good idea
    to remove some chain lenks
    thus moving the tensioner a little closer to the engine ?

    was just thinking about how most
    tensioners appear on motor cycles

    ride that thing
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    Thanks Deusignis,thats a terrific website thats full of very interesting ideas and tips! theres some things on it that Im going to try on my bike.
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    o, i didnt make it :p its something someone has sent into that sight that i stumbled across. Been thinking about doing something similar though.