Is there any MB'ers near OKC?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by agentjosh77, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. agentjosh77

    agentjosh77 Member

    I am really needing some help, after weeks of trying to get my HT 2 stoke running I have had little success to get it running reliably.

    I am giving a shout out to any fellow MB'ers near the Oklahoma City area for some help.

    So... is there anyone in Oklahoma that wouldn't mind donating there time to a struggling HT rider?

    I am in Edmond if that helps anyone.

    Thank you again,
    Joshua Gilbreath

  2. danhill

    danhill New Member

    I am a little bit far, I am down in Altus.

    I am still working on getting my engine running, this is my first build. I do go up to the city every few months though, so if you don't have it up and running by my next trip I'd be more than happy to give her a look. Is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can fix :D
  3. agentjosh77

    agentjosh77 Member

    Hey danhill,

    That sound great to me!

    With school and work being so busy right now I have had to put the bike on the back burner anyways.

    A few months would be great! Maybe that will give me the time to consolidate my thoughts and be able to reevaluate the situation in its entirety.

    I will PM you my information.