Is there really an 80cc?


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Feb 7, 2011
I found an article on this subject titled:

66cc vs 80cc: What's the difference? Is the 80cc engine really better? Here's the answers you're looking for.

At this location:

Here's an excerpt, if you don't want to link to the whole piece:

Have you noticed that some of the companies selling Motorized Bicycle Engine Kits are offering 80cc engines while others are only offering 66cc engines?

What's the difference?

We here at Green Earth Choppers have bought 3 different 80cc engine kits from 3 different suppliers and compared them to our 66cc motors.

Surprisingly, they were identical to our 66cc engine.

The actual displacement of all of them is 65.9cc.

Again, it seems to me that "rounding up" from 66cc (or 65.9cc!) to 80cc is pretty ludicrous.