Is there really more from 66cc slant?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by geebt48cc, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Hey there room,

    So, I'm getting ready to put a 66cc slant on from Skyhawk. My 48cc slant is, and continues to preform very well with little to zero vibration overall. So, can anyone tell me if I'm doing the right thing jumping up a few cc's to the 66cc?

    I am so proud of being able to not worry about the boys in blue from bothering me considering its under 50cc's, but reading on here that's not a major concern.

    Ok, will I really notice better torque considering there's a lot of hills around here? That's the main reason I'm going to jump up to the 66cc. The 48cc can hold it own, but it just about takes everything its got to hold the average speed around here in Va.

    Thanks guys
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  2. motorpsycho

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    well, i have a 49 cc slant head and a 66 c.c. slant head.
    both are on 20" bikes with 20" wheels, 41 tooth sprockets. the 49 cc has an expansion chamber, the 66 cc has a modified long pipe and muffler.
    both have high flow air filters, ngk plugs, 8mm automotive spark plug wires and boots, and i weigh 150 lbs.
    my 49 c.c. can hang with my 66 c.c. but my 66 has more top end (due to a taller rear tire).
    my 49 has 0 vibration, but my 66 has quite a bit of vibration at top speed. I think this is due to the fact that my 66 is mounted to an occ chopper frame using the plate mount (barry's mount). I think the vibration stems from the way the mount plate is.
    my 49 cc is on a schwinn stingray (old style)frame.
    in my opinion both engines perform about the same and they are both limited by the gear ratio. the 66 seems to have a little more torque, but it's not a night and day difference from the 49.
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    simplified, the larger engines are 48cc engines but with a larger bore & piston, same stroke. so, the added weight tends to toss the balancing off a tad. the result: more vibration & sometimes shorter life-span too.
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    Mmmmm, very true, just wonder why so many people want to know why I didn't go with the 66/80cc in the first place. See, the reason was because of staying legal. Just wonder if there will be any problems with police anyway? Uno, if riding like a sain person out there.
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    I think you are going the wrong way that most do. Most get the 66 out of the man reflex, bigger is better. Then when they find out the difference is not really there they go 49 so that the fun is legal.
    The question is not whether you will have problems with the police.....the question is "Will you be breaking the law." Or is any crime OK if the police do not catch you?
  6. geebt48cc

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    No, that's not it at all. See, I've had the 48cc for a year and so many months now, and love it. After reading on here so much, I do get the impression that yes, they are very close in performance, but the 66/80cc has better torque. I'm not at all a fast rider, but just have hopes that the bigger of the two will have just a little more torque.

    Thumbs up for 48cc, but see, I'm right at 255lbs. Not bad for average speed 19.6mph on these up and down country roads here in VA. (On flat 30+ in places)