is this a good bike to motorise?

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    well today i finally done it and ordered a 200 watt restrictor kit for my motor to make it legal in NSW Australia (and yes Fabian i know what you have told me that 200 watts is less than useless and thank you and i respect your opinion -its just so dont end up coming home with a $1000-2000 just for traveling responsibly on a MB), and to go with it Ive laybyed a new bike to go with it. do you guys think it would be a good bike to motorized -also its got a fixed sprocket on the left side with 18 teeth on it. just wondering if i could use this if i shorten the chain and if i could find a replacement at a bicycle shop to find one a bit bigger.

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    In general, as a rule, big-box stores (target/kmart/walmart/sams/costco) have bikes that are best described as "money traps".I know it seems like less up front money, but something will break, then something else, in the end you'll end up paying 2 to 3 times the cost of a good used bike (unless you completely disassemble/lube/adjust/reassemble), the LBS dude even tells me the cups in the hubs are paper thin.I suggest doing a little research on cro-mo bikes from the late 80's to the mid 90's (fuji/bridgestone/trek/cannondale/nishiki/), then hit pawnshops/flea-markets/craigslist and you'll be better off.An extra $100 can make a huge difference in components and quality of frame.
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    thanks,i will give it a shot and when a little more money comes in ill look in to getting a better quality bike. what about the fixed sproket do you know if that will work?
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    Pawn shops are a great place to buy a bike. They have them coming out the arse, you can bargain with them too. Last time I looked I could of picked up a nice trek for $90 and that was the sticker price.
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