is this a good kit?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by zippinaround, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Looks like a conhuis (sp?) but it's hard to tell. Definitely Chinese. Conhuis kits get mixed reviews. You might find a review on Looks good for an EBay kit.
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    Not something I would roll, but I'm biased towards middys.

    Some of the ES guys like these for an inexpesive starter kit.

    Don't know if you'd considered a mid-drive, the "450 watt" brushless kit from may be worth checking out. Although, if you're planning to do some heavier off-road work, the kit needs just about everything upgraded, except the motor (which is apparently built more like a 1000w motor); Lighter dirt/gravel and street riding they seem to be passable. V2 may be better but I haven't read anything on it yet.

    Also, maybe take a look through Justin produces the Cycle Analyst, and sells a number of kits as well as parts.

    Any particular reason you're going with 36v? You'll get more motor speed from 48v and won't need to handle as much current to achieve the same amount of output.
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    Yeah, it's 80 euro more, but it goes through the gears man! However, I also understand sticking to regs and all that on the wattage.

    I wouldn't bother with that pack, you'd need like forty of them to have any range... and that would be a lot wires to work up. I'd go with something with a higher capacity and with more cells to each pack.

    And since you're asking about that aspect of things, I suggest you head over and start reading up at the endless-sphere.
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    ok thanks for the info!
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    I'm after ordering the 800W version of this and a set of 7Ah lead-acid UPS batteries. From what I've heard this type of kit is fairly decent, only ever seen one in the flesh though and not sure if it's the same manufacturer

    Will let you know in a few weeks if it's any good !
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    how much was it? good to see another corkonian on here! you ever get stopped by the law yet?
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    Not a bit of bother. Have you? I have only used the petrol bike in culchie land realy but wouldnt chance it in dublin because everyone is out to get you in the big city. That is why i got this kit, all the bike rickshaw lads on grafton street are using powered front wheels so it shouldnt cause bother for me either.

    250e for the kit and 60 for batteries
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    do you drive it around the city in cork? i live in donegal now not half as many cops around but i have passed a good few squad cars and haven't been stopped yet.
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    Donegal town? No never taken it into the city. The most busy place i been was Mallow on paddy's day just before the parade. I might take it into cork yet for the laugh.
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    letterkenny. i'd say if a shade seen ya driven around the city you'd be stopped fairly lively! it would be good craic tho! do you live near mallow?
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    yea close enough to mallow but in dublin during the week. i used to live in letterkenny for a while. nice spot like, i wouldnt mind going back there if i could get work there

    once upon a time mb's like the velosolex were common here but id say people just stopped using them and converted to cars. I dont think there was a day everyone was requiredto hand in their toys. maybe im only being paranoid about getting stopped
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    i used to live in glenville a few years ago what an absolute ****ehole! yeah letterkenny is good no work tho! most of the old mopeds required a licence and tax tho and probably insurance. even tho i have passed about 6 or 7 squad cars now i still fear getting stopped and having my bike taken!
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    I know a lad who used to fix the oldschool mb's ill ask him what the story was with them. There was a lad doing the rounds in Dublin with a mb (HT type engine) and he claimed to never have bother but then he would do that since he was selling them. I wouldnt fancy it though.

    I would be very surprised if you had bother in Letterkenny though unless u were caught acting the bollix or caused an accident

    Hopefully next week I will have the electric wheel kit installed. have the batteries and the wheel is after arriving in cork
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    Alright I installed the kit last week and had a go off it there a couple of days ago just around the estate to test, didn't take it onto the road yet as I had no lights and there is still plenty wrong with it.

    The biggest problem with it so far is the battery's willingness to fall out of the bag they supplied. They all fricking fell out just as I was bringing the bike back inside but thankfully none of them broke. I will have to fabricate some sort of a box and mount the batteries directly onto the baggage carrier and not have them sitting loose in the bag. I am also going to change the brake cables and things as the bike itself is in a bit of a sorry state

    This yoke has better acceleration than the petrol bike I have (GX25) but not sure about the top speed yet. I'll try and upload a few pics tomorrow :)
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    Whatever happened with your kit? Top speed? How long does it last? Good investment or pile of junk?