Is this a motorized bicycle?

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    You are pedaling a bike with a rear mounted friction drive engine that is running.

    However, the roller is not in contact with the tire.

    In fact, there is a 1/2" clearance between the roller and the tire.

    You are carrying the engine and you are running it to break it in.

    Can you be lawfully ticketed for "DRIVING" an unregistered "MOTOR VEHICLE"?

  2. KCvale

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    Well, you don't show your state but you can get a DUI for standing in parking lot with a buzz and your keys are in the car in AZ.
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    My question is for any state.

    How about AZ?

    AZ has a DUI statute that can not stand in in an adversary court.

    SUI Standing under the influence is an action that does not harm anyone.
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    I'm guessing Boynton means you are from Florida.
    -Every state is a little different.
    -I general, if you are pedaling, law men pay you no mind. A lot of motored bike riders "ghost pedal" while under motor power to reduce the likelihood of attracting law enforcement.
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    Imagine this: A really good cyclist goes 30 mph past a MB going 20 in a 25 mph zone.

    Why doesn't the cyclist get ticketed?
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    The usuals argument is that, an MAB is heavier, more mass, harder to stop, more carnage.But the argument is flawed, most petrol MAB's are loud as all get out, I have to wear earplugs on my 2 strokers, so I figure it's like a horn blasting all the time, no one will miss it, equals safer to me.Electrics and human only are silent, easire to miss, considering how many people look at their phones instad of the way they're going.
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    A good cyclist will not maintain speeds above 20mph for long periods of time before fatigue sets in.
    A cyclist that can blast along at 25mph is normally an experienced adult.
    Officers fear the situations involving young, novice riders being propelled by an engine at high speeds.
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    Check these endurance records:

    How does this officer based fear affect licensed drivers who can control 3,000 lb cars at 70 MPH?
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    Depends on the cop that pulled you over.
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    Reading some of your threads, stu, I can see clearly that you're a man who likes to think and to make distinctions.

    A question like this, though, can never have a clear 'yes' or 'no' answer. So it becomes something along the lines of 'logic chopping'.

    But you could be a guy who comes up with a lot of provocative questions and thoughts if you can do some fine tuning.
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    In the Tour de France, the sprinters can obtain speeds of over 50 mph during their sprints to the finish, on flat ground.