Is this adaptable for us??

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  1. grinningremlin

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    Is this something we could use?
    I'm not good with gearing stuff (basic gearing is enough).This would be so cool to use with a GEBE if it worked.Make our little EH035's and GX35's have a low end for wall climbing, or top end.Fingers crossed.

  2. Fabian

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    I have always wanted to try and come up with a usable method of creating a 2 speed jackshaft mechanism for the SickBikeParts shift kit.
    The method employed in 2 speed RC car gearboxes is so simple and reliable and allows for adjustable shift rpm.

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  3. grinningremlin

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    We are working with 1/4 scale size engines, a stripped EH035 (no clutch/fan/starter/shroud) is sold by Fuji for 1/4 scale planes.Maybe a gearbox for 1/4 scale buggies?I fly RC gliders (Weasel/Alula/LeFish) with a high-start, I gave up powered flight, there's just no way to fly like a bird with that extra weight.Started on cars in the heyday of "Jomac/Jerobee", met a guy at a drag race (Billy Valentine) who used "the invisible spur gear" to this day I don't know how it works, I'm guessing by throwing it out under power (though it didn't appear to have one).
    Reading your heavy hauling story certainly makes me jealous, but I don't like frame mounts and don't think it's possible on my bike anyway (Sun EZ Sport).The search continues.