Is this bike frame big enough to install an engine?



I'm going to check out a bike today - the guy told me it's an old-style vintage bike, single speed with coaster brake. He described the frame as:

Bike #1 - Supercycle single speed with coaster brake and fenders.
Made in Toronto, no model name. CTC top tube - 21 3/4 inches (slightly curved), CTC seat tube - 19.5 inches. The saddle is old school and a
bit rough.

Is this the size I need to get going? I don't know at all if this is the standard 26" bike, since I have no clue what is measured to arrive at 26.

I believe that supercycle is canadian tire store brand made by ccm
other than that, sounds like kit will bolt right up
simply put, a bicycle's size is usually expressed by wheel size.

but, frames also come in different sizes...this is for the most part determined by the seat-tube height.

for example: i have a 26" bicycle with a 22" ("tall"...some call this XL) frame.

i think a 19.5" seat-tube would prolly be called a Large?

the bike you describe: imo, it's a safe bet a frame that "tall" is a perfect candidate to install a "super happy time" on. is that the info you were looking for?
19.5" is heaps, 17" is about the smallest you can go without making different mounts.