Is this Ebay engine any good?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by spetsnazbear, May 9, 2011.

  1. spetsnazbear

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  2. shell shock

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    i would not buy from luckeyyearbird or boy go fast. just my 2c
  3. spetsnazbear

    spetsnazbear New Member

    Why is that?
  4. RedBaronX

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    I tell people to pretty much stick to buying engines from a dealer who is a sponsor of this forum-- they support the community and have a reputation to uphold. Top notch customer service is probably the most important thing to look for when buying one of these motors because if something is wrong with it out of the box (which happens), you know that someone with a good reputation will make things right.
  5. spetsnazbear

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    Well how much do they usually run for a 49cc 2 stroke
  6. wbuttry

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    between 150 and 300 just depends on what you want
  7. shell shock

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    you get what you pay for man. from what ive learned is "buy cheap, buy twice"
  8. motorpsycho

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    I've bought 4 engines, extra clutch pads, extra carberators, extra chains, exhaust pipes, and extra sprockets from boygofast, and i have not had one problem with any of the stuff. Nor have i had a problem with shipping, customer service or anything like that.
    I have always gotten my stuff 2-3 days after ordering from him.
    all 4 of my engines run great (2 are mine, 2 got put on friends bikes).
    no problems here, but that's not saying that every once in awhile someone will have a problem or get a lemon engine.
    That happens no matter who you buy from because it's the luck of the draw.
    paying a higher price may get you a warranty, and probably phone support if you need it.
    I have never needed any support so i have no idea how b.g.f. (or anyone else) would handle that type of thing.
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  9. DuctTapedGoat

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    Rick at BGF is a drop shipper, he doesn't inspect his inventory. Sources say, LEB is Ricks wife.
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  10. Wheres my dog

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    Look at a lot of his Ebay auctions and you will see...

    "SOLD AS IS"

    He can ship you a seized engine and Paypal will even default back to the "SOLD AS IS" and not cover your purchase!

    Steer clear my boy, steer clear
  11. spad4me

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    Way too many horror stories for me to ever order from BGF or LYB .

    The dealer and the warranty they offer is what makes the sale for me.
    For example.

    A very nice Chinese rc engine sold through ONE dealer.

    One hundred percent satisfied customers.

    A wise guy bought the same engine from the Chinese factory.
    One hundred percent failure. He saved three dollars.

    The difference is the dealer who is the filter between the buyer and the factory.
  12. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    When I was having issues with my titan, duane shipped me an exchange motor to me with no question!

    Try that with BGF.... hit up thatsdax and be happy I say