Is this guy using the transmission or bike gears? Check Video.

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Rgvkid, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Is he using the transmision to change gears or the gears on the Bike rear Hub. He doesn't give any info on the setup and on the link he gave to the forum he said he is not going to give info on the setup because he is going to patend it. He probably should of done it before he posted on the web.

    It looks like he did a good job on hie setup but there are no peddles, so it would have to be registered as a motorcycle here in the States. Will that chain actually hold up on a daily use?

    If you go through his forum link, he originally started with a pocket bike engine and then in the videos he uses a Honda GX50.

    Im sure most of you have seen this before but here are the links.

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    from what i can see it's shifting through the rear cassette AND has one of those small 5:1 trannys on the motor for initial reduction.

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    I dont believe 5:1 would be enough, thats what Dax uses but the final drive is a 44 tooth.

    The guy in the video talsk about everything but the most important thing on the bike and thats the tranny/reduction unit! He did mention Staton though for the clutch adapter.
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    On his forum link his first setup used a pocket bike motor, but he doesn't give much info. You hvae to register to check out his thread. He has a couple of other videos showing the trans and clutch setup. The original link he gave on youtube is no longer there on the same forum The link below is his original design but not sure if he uses the trans or not.
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    using the 5:1 tranny and an 8T output gear a 34T cassette ring would be 21.25:1, 32T= 20.00:1, 31T= 19.38, 30T=18.75, 29T=18.13:1. and so on.

    totally doable.

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    Is that not alot of stress on that chain sizes? Of course his setup is not using peddles which would be a problem here in Cali. But it looks like it works great on his vids. The motor would have to be mounted up higher to be able to keep the peddles but then you would have problems with teh derailur.
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    From what I heard it is both. He said that the engine is bolted to a scooter tansmission which are typically CVT which is kinda what it sounds like but he is also able to shift which he does only sometimes via the rear cassette.
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    On one hand it's pretty neat, on the other hand it may have long term issues.

    I'm not sure why he felt he was forced to drill those holes. I love the engine, but good God yes, even though relatively light, that's a lot of stuff sticking out to the right!!
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    that wasn't a CVT - it was the standard 'transmission' (just a gear reduction, either 3:1 or 5:1, depending on the model.)