Is this noise normal?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by xbeerd, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. xbeerd

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    is a video of my bike idling, its got maybe a mile or 2 on it as i just started braking in the motor. seems noisey. is that what everyone is refering to in this thread..
    or something else?

    i dont know TOO much about 2 strokes, all i really know is that every 2 stroke yard machine i've had sucks. haha.

    however, the bike starts up pretty easy and once you get it goin its great.:tt1:

    i also was wondering since i was dumb and mixed the gas backwards (added oil to gas, not gas to oil), do you think its getting the right mixture or something remotely close?

    Thanks in advance!! this project has been a blast so far, next project is a home made 'extrawheel' trailer to drag my bowling ball bag behind me :)

  2. motorpsycho

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    what do you mixed the gas backwards?
    you add a pre- measured amount of oil to gas in a gas can...or you can dump the pre measured amount of oil to an empty gas can, and add the correct amount of gas.
    there's really not a "backwards" way to mix it, as long as you have the correct amount of gas, and the correct amount of oil.
    usually the only people who say that 2 strokes suck, are the ones who don't understand how they work, and how to mix the correct fuel/oil ratio.
    2 strokes can make a ton of power per c.c.
  3. xbeerd

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    by backwards i meant puttin a gallon of gas into a can, dumping in the amount of oil, shaking it up to mix it

    i've always been told to add the oil to the can first, then the gas so it mixes better/more even with less possibility of a too rich mixture

    i shouldnt have said 2 strokes suck, more so, i suck at 2 strokes. i get how they work just never have luck starting them for the most part.

    so... overall. does the sound of that engine sound normal for a new engine?
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  4. Pablo

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    Sounds OK - hard to tell in a u-tube. How does it sound under load while riding?

    For 1 gallon example, ratio varies with oil.

    Put SOME gas in the can. (say 1/3 gallon, doesn't matter, 1/2 gallon - whatever)
    Add correct amount of oil (3-4-5 ounces whatever ratio you are after). Mix like crazy.
    Fill the gas the rest of the way for the volume you are after - 1 gallon mark. Mix like crazy again. Then mix some more. Done.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    As long as the fuel to oil ratio is met there is nothing wrong with adding oil to fuel or fuel to oil. I do both..depending which hair is across my azz at the time (most of the time it's gas to oil as I put the oil in the container at home then go to the station). Whichever method you use, what is important is use a good grade of oil and mix the two together well. I have been adding oil to fuel for many years. Running a outboard you usually don't know how much oil to add till you know how much gas you put in first.

    Backwards would mean 20 parts of oil to 1 part of fuel.:devilish:
  6. xbeerd

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    haha! i definately didnt mean 1:20 mix! :)