Is this normal or am I overheating?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mike93082, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Today I took a short ride on my bike and it was dark. Well after a few miles I just decide to look over the engine and take a two minute break. I know of course the muffler will be hot. But if I wet my finger and touch the cylinder body it would sizzle along with the head. Is this normal or am I overheating?

    I pulled the plug and it was black and the tip was a slight white color. Overall the bike seemed to run ok. I mean I have to adjust the choke on and off to gain power but I think it just takes a while to warm up. Also a few weeks ago I pulled off the manifold and cut out a gasket and used gasket sealant on both sides for an extra seal. And I put an O-ring in the carb to seal it.

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    an air cooled motor will get pretty hot, but not sure if it should be THAT hot.
    normally an extremely hot cylinder, head and exhaust means it's running too lean....and the white tip on your plug is a sign of it being too lean.
    you want the tip of the plug to be a nice tan color. a white-ish, or silver-ish tip usually means it's running too lean.
    you should not have to adjust the choke on and off after it's running....that's another sign of it running too lean, because when you put the choke on, you are richening up the mixture by cutting down the air that the carb is taking in.
    if it is wanting to bog down at higer rpms and you close the choke and it runs better with more power, that's known as a lean bog...which is VERY bad for the piston.
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    Yup, that's too hot. Normal temps would cause water to slowly boil away. If it rapidly sizzles away, it is too hot.

    Sure sign of lean bog is when the engine runs/sounds more powerful at part throttle than at full throttle.

    IMO, spark plug color is NOT always reliable indicator because I have seen engines that run very rich at low-mid range and will cause a plug to look OK even though the engine is way too lean at high throttle/RPM. (certain death for a two stroke)
  4. These engines are always very hot, thats normal for aircooled engines.
    I dont even look at my sparkplug, my engine runs great.
    And once you start your engine the choke should be pushed down and should not be needed.
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    Mike: drop your needle clip a grove. If you are using the choke to gain power/performance, you are running too lean. If you have a chrome muffler, is it discolored? If you have a black muffler, is the paint burnt? If either accrue it's to lean! What carb & engine cc are you running?
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    The engine is a Grubee 66cc with the new style speed carb.

    I did not have time to look at it today (daddy/daughter time :grin5:) but I will look at the needle setting tomorrow. Can anyone give me any picture diagrams on adjusting the needle clip as I have never done this before.

    But I read about a suggestion to get the engine running and while it is idling to use a pump sprayer to spray all around the air intake but not into the air filter and if there is an air leak water will get sucked in and it will bog down indicating an air leak.
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    Don't have any pics. PM me! I can tell you step by step!!! It's not too hard!