Is this ok for my bike and all I need?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Trinispeed, Jan 28, 2008.

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    that mount is for a happy time engine (2stroke chinese)
    I don't think anyone makes ones for p/b engines
    you could try it and then tell us how it went
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  4. fetor56

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    How are u going to mount it...what are u going to use as a drive-train etc etc.You really need to be asking yourself these sorta questions.
    Remember everything is setup for HT engines with HT kits being widely available...their cheap and good and if u wanna go to a 4-stroke then everything is setup for them to.
    I'm not saying it can't be done,i'm simply saying it's a difficult project with many unanswered questions.
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    hey dude, i just finished my schwinn project bout a week or 2 agao, i really havent done a walk around, so i will do 1 today, and i will post it on u tube, and post a DIRECT link here, in the mean time, i have tons of vids of it (non close ups) on youtube right now the link is in my sig feel free to comment my VIDS with questions i say vids so i can know exactly what you are talking about.
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