Is this our MB future?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arceeguy, Oct 26, 2008.

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    that is one - touch the heart - MB story

    sure would like to get hold of some pictures of MBs in Cuba
    it's amazing what ones can do when they have NOT much

    sure makes one grateful as we -- ride that MB thing
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    A Happy Time engine would be considered gold out there. It is terrible how the Cuban people suffer, but it is a story of how resourceful people are in the face of real poverty. (Not the cell phone, air conditioned, internet ready, car driving, overweight "poor people" here in the US)

    I read an article a while back on how the Cuban people do metal casting in their back yards to fabricate repair parts to keep their 50 year old cars running! Makes me want to take a box of old chain saws, leaf blowers and trimmers and set it a drift in the ocean to land on their shores. I wonder if the ocean currents could do this? Could toss in some sprockets and chains since these are especially prized.
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    thanks sabala ---------- I enjoyed that sooooooo much

    I am disapointed -- MUCH -- with Castro and his brother

    had a friend -- said that he used to ride his boat down to Cuba in the old days
    when it was a party town -- all the stars would go there -- much fun had by all
    everything -- especially money -- flowed easy in Cuba back then
    we know they hope and pray for those days to come back

    at least they still get to -- ride that MB thing