is this possible?

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    Is it possible to do donuts on a motorbike with a 66cc 2 stroke engine kit on it? I want to try doing donuts like the guy who did donuts with a pedal bike(sitting very far forward on the bike and pedaling quickly to make the back tire wash out, except i won't be pedaling:grin5:) would this work?

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    not enough power huh?
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    If you practice ballancing over the front wheel, feathering the front brake as necessary, you can do pedal powered donuts. A good friend of mine in high school was a professional BMX freestylist. I saw him do it quite a few times. It really was not the most impressive trick he could do. Some of the things he did would leave you wondering how is that possible!
    There really is no reason that an MB can't do it.
    If you try to do it yourself, plan on crashing alot. I mean ALOT!
    Helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, and hip pads are a requirement.
    He really could care less what he looked like while practicing. His philosophy was at least he could get right back up and keep practicing instead of tending to repeated minor road rash and chipped bones.
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    thats a silly notion

    ride that thing without the donut
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    I think it should be possible, depends what kind of gearing you have. If you have a 44t (or more) on let's say a 20" bmx wheel and you don't weigh a whole lot then I think you should have no problem.

    Like GearNut says - wear some protection if you want to try it! Also, you might want to try and spin the bike around in a circle while standing on the "inside" leg first and see how that goes, then once you master that move up to the donut thing.

    Mountainman - awe come on, doing a donut is like riding that THING sideways, no? :rolleyes7: