Is this something I should be worried about

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  1. If this broken mounting stud will be a problem what and where do I buy them online? 20160920_194307.jpg

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  3. Thx anybody else have possibly a cheaper suggestions, also this is my first motor bike it is a diy project.
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    I can't see what's wrong from the pic - does it just not reach all the way around the tube? these mounting brackets are easily replaced at most hardware/home improvement stores. that way you can touch & inspect them for size & quality before you buy, too
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    You can buy M6 grade 8.8 threaded rod online or from a hardware store and cut it down to size, chase the threads out and screw them into your engine with a bit of red loctite. The SBP kit is good value considering it saves time as well as includes exhaust studs and nice hex head bolts for all the cover screws and three of the case screws, all of real metal not old chewing gum.
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    buy a long 6mmx1.0 bolt and cut the head off to make a longer stud
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    Depends.. Are mechanically inclined? If so get a long rod of grade 8 in the thread pitch you need, cut it down as you go and need. Less apt to do that and just get bolts from home Depot or whatever fastener supplier you have around you.

    If this is too much then you might want to consider a different hobby, this is seriously one of the most irritating things to work with even without nuts and bolts problems. Toss in bent this and stripped that and you've got the equivalent of 2 women on different cycles jammed up between your legs. Half the time it won't run because of this, and half the time because of that, and the other half because the 2 of them don't get along.

    Yeah, that's basically it, if you can live with one of these then marriage should actually be kinda easy when you get to it. (worthy noting I've curbstomped, ripped parts out of and tossed into the back of my truck, bashed with a hammer, drilled holes in, contemplated lighting on fire, thrown tools at, and all around downright beaten my bike near half to death. I've never done any of these to my wife. Word of warning.)
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    Lol :)

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    Grade 8 guys? I guess if you're going for overkill, you might as well go big or go home :)
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    I actually go out and and come home because my sh*t don't strip last second on that retarded ass hill in the rain for no good reason. Might just be me.

    Grade 8 also has more than one use, like I build projects from it like side carts or repairing old tables or boat trailers or whatever, may as well be able to do it when I need instead of hoping I don't loose my skidoo somewhere on i-80, if it causes an accident it's got tags all over it linking right to me so may as well not risk it.