Is this the future???

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    29ers have been around awhile in Mtn biking circles but Wmart is just getting to them.
    The 29er made a splash in the industry a few years back but they're really kind of a gimmick in that it's outside tire measurement, they're the same size wheel as 700c. The Mtn biking community is mixed at best on 29ers.

    I do like 700c wheels, I have two MBs with them, they roll well but they do make the bike frame sit a little high of course.

    Just personally speaking, I don't think I'd buy any but the simplest bike at Wmart.
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    I had 1 bike with 700c wheels and I didnt like the choices I had for tires for it with a friction drive, 2-1/8 widthwasnt available in a semislick. I sold it and am glad I did even though it was a great bike. 26 is the most popular and gives you the most choices. I had the kit hooked up to the bike when I bought it and those narrow tires just seemed to not respond as well in grooves and ruts in the road as well as wide 26in do.
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    Wow Hv you are right on top of the trends in the industry I see. Your views on 29"ers sound like they were written years ago. Actually the 29" wheel is experiencing a big surge right now as it enters the EU market.

    I have had several 29" wheel MAB's, both gas and electric, along with all manner of mtb's from FS to FR, with gears and without and they all work fine for me. A bit slower off the line but once you get them rolling watch out and the bigger wheels DO take sharp bumps and potholes more smoothly than their smaller siblings, I found that out 10 years and many, many miles ago.

    After following 29" wheels from their modern beginnings in 99' I never really felt that they had arrived in the bike industry until I saw that Thruster a few years ago. I have yet to see one in the flesh and I may be hard to because I never go to MalWart.
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    Well mabdude, there are few that frequent these pages I can think of that have you're understanding and experience with the subject. I'd be curious to know if you see them sticking around? At this years NAHBS in Virginia I saw fewer 29ers shown than in years past though this certainly was a sublime example:

    BTW, how's the work coming?
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    My motored bicycle is a 29'er. It's a Specialized with a Staton friction drive...I put on a set of Schwalbe Big Apple's and it's been way cool so far.
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    Waiting for the market to mature a bit this time around instead of beating heads against the wall and then getting overrun by the big guys. Lot's going on but nothing to share at this time.

    29"ers will be what they will be, as well as will MAB's. The industry runs at a slow pace in regards to change and that is the how and how.

    And I still like my bikes from 10 years ago better than anything being made today by anybody.

    NAHBS is nothing but a bunch of expensive stuff that no one really needs and I could care less about it actually.
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    i would not pay $199 for that nice
    nice pics mabman
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    i have a bike with 700 wheels and sits nice, just depends which bike u pick. i found one that is really cool i have a gas motor, electric on it. and doesn't sit high at all.