Carby is this the "magic" carb we've been searching for?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by jake, Jul 19, 2007.

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    too funny, i was just this minute reading about how long links effect the display on the monitor...try this

    "type title here"

    i've turned off my code for this post so you can see what i mean. the example would contain the whole link but only the title would appear on the forum

    click here to see a cool carburetor
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    which looks like this with the code enabled, i usually put "bold" tags around the whole caboodle

    click here to see a cool carburetor

    btw-you're right, it is a cool lil carby :)
  4. ibeenjammin

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    If you buy it and slap it on your motor, please keep us posted with pics and details.

  5. thatsdax

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    I do not think so....

    The intake port of our motors are not made to have a reed shoved in there. It would require some serious Cylinder intake mods to accommodate the reed setup. Not to mention the extra length as well. The idea is great for sure !!! Looks like the carb may mount up just fine without the reed setup. But...At 49usd is pricey for sure !! Enjoy the ride...