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Aug 4, 2008
Monday night my wife ran over one of my Crusiers:eek:

Then yesterday I come home and find my pride and joy Moon Dog in 3 pieces:eek:

It was used without my permission by a friend of my daughters.

WTH! This was a new hobby I just started because of stress!

I had to buy 2 new bikes last night just to fix my smashed ones!!

My Moon Dog is back together but it lost a lot of cool, just not the same with out my straight bar and my light up skull.

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortunes this week....that REALLY stinks ! I just hope your daughter's friend is okay and nobody was hurt. On the bright side, at least you had the means to buy 2 new bikes to get back on the road, even if it's not quite the same as it was....I have a feeling you'll eventually get it like you want it again. :) This hobby sure does try one's patience sometimes though lol....I feel your pain and I haven't even got mine completed yet (long story best for another thread lol). I will however, keep mine locked up now when I do get it done.....I have two teenage boys with lots of friends lol. Good luck and hang in there....who knows, you may look back and laugh at all this someday :)
Yes the boy wasn't hurt that was my first concern!

I'm good, just wanted to vent:D

Glad everyone is OK.

One was an accident - stuff happens. Pretty sure your wife didn't do it on purpose.

The other, well maybe an accident - I would think the boy should somehow pay you back. By labor or whatever if he has no cash. Point being that he shouldn't just walk. Brave SOB, IMHO. No respect.

I had a ton of respect for him, he's 19 and a real good kid who has trouble at home.
I gave him a room in my house and have not charged him one penny because he works hard and he goes to school on his own to finish high school.

He knew I would say no, If he wanted to ride while I was working. I'm upset about that.
and my daughter hadn't even tried one before, he showed her what to do.

LOL, My wife doesn't like the way the company trucks are parked and as soon as she gets home from work she re-arranges them and well.......Crrrr unch..
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Yes - I am so very touchy in regards to my MB. I never let ANYONE ride my MB - a rule that I try to stick to. I know that you were VERY BUMMED OUT - when you found all this out - well - MBs can be replaced - thank God - NO ONE WAS HURT - and you still have two wheels - that's for sure - NOT ALL THAT BAD - I know - easy for me to say.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
I lock all my bikes together with a cable even though they're all in the garage. I don't want anybody getting any smart ideas and I like making them a living **** to steal (4 bicycles tied together) if anybody ever broke into my garage.