is this to much power

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  2. It may not be legal, and bicycles aren't designed to run much over 30mph. Most places 50cc is the legal limit. To be safe with that much power you should upgrade the wheels, brakes, and tires. Faceplanting at 35mph can put you underground or in a wheelchair with a severed spinal cord for the rest of your life. You might be better off with a small motorcycle that is designed for that much power.
  3. spencer15

    spencer15 New Member i should tell that to my freind(ryan14 i think is his name on this forum) hes wants to put a 16 horse in a bike
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    16 hp wont work without major reinforcements to the frame and a SUPER heavy duty freewheel, bearings, and chain. I think 6 hp is pushing the limit of what a normal, well built, stock bicycle can do.

    Unless you guys are fabricators with a good welder I wouldnt even try it, you are just going to end up hurting yourself.
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    Yup. 16HP would probably twist the frame like a pretzel.
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    These engines weigh 34lbs dry, and with oil and gas even more. I have 2 of them in my mini bikes, and while they run pretty well, you don't want this beast on a bicycle! :jester:
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    Im guessing 'ryan' is also your age? Bicycle frames are definitely not meant for this sort of power as mentioned, the wheels also aren't you put 16hp with that sort of weight in a bike and get up too speed the wheels would be my biggest concern, ever seen a wheel collapse or a front tire roll off the rim at speed? I have, im in a wheelchair because of a front wheel failure. You want that sort of HP you best be building a solid frame and have the brakes wheels and tires capable of running at speed otherwise your not just asking to get hurt you WILL get hurt, if your lucky...