Is white wire too short?




My Kings 80 cc chinese let me down Saturday,quitting at less than 50 break in miles.

I am relatively new to the forum but I sort of anticipated problems down the road. So I have been reading lots of posts on starting problems, no spark-no gas-ect. However problems this soon are dissapointing. Well when the bike quit I thought he he it's the kill switch, as I hooked mine up.

As I was facing almost a mile of pedaling uphill to my garage,the first thing I did was unhook the white wire. Well Im not that lucky so after a couple of attempted pedal starts my guess was it's not the kill switch.

Later in the garage I determend I was getting gas and I had plenty of compression,so it's back to spark.

Any way I have 2 questions. I wanted to completly eliminate the possibility of the white wire shorting out, so I snipped the white wire inside the magneto casing down to a quarter of an inch of the magneto ! Should this be a problem?

I also bought another spark plug took the plug out of the hole and tried both of them out hooked up to the cdi and laying on the cooling fins. I picked up the back of the bike and pedaled her over a few times in the black dark!

So no spark!

After I get hold of Kings is my next step cdi or magneto ? Also can these be tested at home? If so How?

I guess that was three questions,I am pretty much a novice when it comes to cdi's and magneto's.

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The white wire is a low voltage, low-amperage lighting wire (which makes little sense, actually); having cut it too short may be causing it to ground somewhere inside the side cover. Might want to think about extending it with more wire and capping it from any metal contact whatsoever as well as any contact with any other wires...

The kill switch is intended to ground the coilpak's power lead (blue, or in some cases, green). Also be sure that the plug wire itself is firmly screwed into the coilpak...

Hope this may help:

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Bad Stator

Well guys a local Mechanic bench tested my 80 cc Kings after I installed a new cdi (still no spark) and said my stator was not putting out enough amps.

What should I do keep dealing with Kings (they sent me the new cdi) and said that was the only thing that could go bad.

Or should I order a stator from someone else,can I just order a stator? Who would you guys reccomend if not kings. All these 80 cc parts are interchangable arent they?

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had a similar problem

We had one engine that lost spark after about 50 or so. It turned out that when tested with a volt meter the "Magneto" or Primary Voltage Generator (the U shaped thingy will the coil of copper wire in the middle) was putting out 1/3 the power of our other motors. We put a new one on and it fired right up. Sorry I don't remember the readout #'s. Since we had running engines to compare to I didn't need remember for more than 2 minutes. Good Luck.:devilish: