Engine Trouble Issue starting my new bike.

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    I recently finished building a grubee skyhawk 66cc kit. I had a lot of trouble starting the engine at first, but after a week of trying I finally managed to get the motor to start, and it ran very well. The reason why it would not start at first was either the choke, or the idler screw (I adjusted both at the same time, and then it fired up). I started it up about 4 times in two days. and each time it would take about 20 minutes for the bike to start up, witch is certainly not normal. The next day I tried to start it and it would not start. I tried for an hour. I havent been able to get it to start since. I think it is a spark issue. Gas is getting into the motor (spark plug smells like gas) and there is compression. The stock spark plug sparks a little bit, just enough to see. I've seen videos and the spark seems to be much bigger. I just bought a new NGK plug and it hardly sparks at all, less than the stock plug! I am pretty sure it is a CDI issue, although I am not really sure. Any help would really be appreciated.


  2. Your plug wires screws into your CD I so unplug your spark plug wire Check and see if it's in all the way by turning it clockwise to see if it's all the way in if it's not all the way and it's not going to make a spark.
    I know this because I got tired of pulling the Caps off of my spark plug so I got an automotive spark plug wire, Got a piece of well insulated copper wire the same diameter as the whole of the CDI where the plug wire comes out. Strip part of the Cooper wire then crimp it to the metal part of the spark plug wire on to the piece of copper wire, Then simply screwed it into the CDI. You need to turn the entire wire you have to spin. d the entire wire to get it in properly He just may have a bad connection to your spark plug wire. I don't understand why they have us pull the Caps off of the spark plugs makes no sense to me so I don't have to do that anymore, mine snaps in my plug-in stays on
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    If you see spark, it is probably OK - lower idle screw way down and use your hand on the throttle to find an amount that works - new motors often like to have choke on until first pop is heard, then turn it off.

    Once you get it running, let it warm up for a while, then turn the idle screw in until it runs OK.
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    I Soldered the copper wire in the CDI to the clip that goes on the head of the spark plug, so now the connection is very tight. I pulled out the spark plug and noticed that there was a lot of gas on it. After I pulled it out I did what others have recommended and I drove the bike around with the clutch out. after doing this for 2 minutes gas started dripping out of the muffler. I also noticed there was a lot of grime on the spark plug, and in the hole were the spark plug screws into. could I be using the wrong type of oil? is the engine flooded?
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    The engine is flooded. Either the float needle is getting stuck, there may by some dirt in the float bowl stopping the needle from closing completely, sometimes the float has a leak in it and fills up with fuel. If you remember to shut off the gas when not riding she shouldn't flood out on you. You should take a look in the float bowl for problem. try to get as much of the fuel out of the case by riding without plug. clean the plug with carb cleaner, let it dry, then it should fire right up. It will smoke like hell for a bit them straiten up.
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    Thanks for the help. I ended up getting the bike to work well and start consistently. What I did was: I emptied all of the fuel out of the carburetor, I then put the choke to its maximum up position. As soon as the bike fired up I pushed the choke all the way down. Now that I've rode the bike around for a bit I can start it with the choke all the way down.