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    The first six bikes have arrived and the first six motors are due this coming thursday. I expect a 3' chunk of 3.5" diameter rod by tuesday- enough to make 20+ sprocket mounts. Yes I know- we are ASSEMBLING motor bikes not BUILDING them... building them will come later. I am already designing springer forks and working on a bicycle frame based on the 1932 Zundapp single... but that's down the road. This is where it begins, with six bikes. If it goes bust, it goes bust. If it takes off like a striped a** ape, I'm in for the ride. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to your midst...
    OKANOGAN COUNTY MOTORIZED BICYCLES!!! (OCMB). I want to thank Five Flags for my first motor sale, Pirate Cycles for their delightful sprocket mount, King's Motorbike for a superb deal on GRUBEE 48cc with the high performance carb and of course, WAL MART and HUFFY bicycles. I also want to thank my partner, Lou Cesnitas, for having the faith to gamble the $$$ on this shindig. I ALSO want to thank the many members of this boad that have steared me through a multitude of misshaps and confusions. While far from an expert, I can at least spot some of the more common issues with these motors and know the how to rectify them.
    As Al Jolson put it-
    "You ain't seen nuthin' yet, folks!"
    the Old Sgt.
    PS- pictures coming soooooon

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    Good luck man!
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    Best to you. 6 bikes shouldn't be too hard to move, if nothing but your investment...Labor is another story.
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    All the Best with you new venture.

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    If you want, I could do motor rebuilds for you on an as-needed basis. I have all the resources, and can make a 30 year old chainsaw motor look and work like new is a matter of hours.
  6. Sgt. Howard

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    motor rebuilds

    Where are you located? I am in Okanogan county Washington state- two miles south of the Canadian border. Shipping might turn into an issue, especially as these motors are cheaper to replace than rebuild once you figure in labor... of course, should the EPA BAN the importation of these mills, you might have the one solution...
    the Old Sgt.
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    For THAT matter...

    ... it dawns on me that as primitive as these mills are, casting the componants and assembly thereof ... hmmm... wow... returning production to the land that used to LEAD THE WORLD in production... I know metalurgy and milling, have some background in non-ferrouse casting... yea, it CAN be done and will be looked into. An AMERICAN producer of two-stroke bike mills might be just the kick in the a$$ that the hobby/buisness/economy/fetish needs...
    the old Sgt.
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    I'm in Grand Rapids, MI- the place that just had the shooting rampage.

    Perhaps they could fit in large flat-rate boxes if disassembled, maybe even medium. If that's the case, shipping will be $10-15 each way.

    Edit- if you do cast the components, I would be more than happy to assemble all the engines. I could take half of the motors produced and handle shipping of the kits to all the eastern half of the US, as it would save us on shipping of full kits if I received in bulk and repackaged as full kits.
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    you mention that you are expecting to get a 3 foot chunk of 3.5 inch diameter rod to make 20+ sprocket mounts. then you thank pirate cycles for their sprocket mount.
    i hope you're not planning on copying their design.

    I think it was Bachman Turner Overdrive that said "you aint seen nothin' yet."

    good luck on your adventure, and i wish you the best of luck.
    I hope it takes off and becaimes a sucess.
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    Poppycock. No place in the world, let alone the First World, should still be making stinky, inefficient, polluting, smoky, noisy, maintenance-intensive two-cycle motors. There are plenty of reasons they have been phased out for registerable roadgoing vehicles.

    Direct injection two-strokes, which can be reasonably clean and efficient, are the last real hope for the future of two-cycle small engines. I applaud any American manufacturer who wants to take that on, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'm hoping for more developments along the lines of Lehr's propane-powered four-cycle small engines. They are by nature cleaner, quieter, safer, easier to maintain, and far less smelly than gasoline small engines, especially two-strokes. The problem with them so far is that only 25cc versions have come to market.

  11. Sgt. Howard

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    Sprocket mounts etc-

    Actually, I had designed a sprocket mount but screwed up the prototype- totally different from the manic mechanic design. As it is, I had to drill new holes in the happy time sprocket to fit the mount- no big deal. No, mine is a three-piece operation that uses the existing nine holes in the stock sprocket. The last of the six bikes arrived today, the motor kits are due on thursday but I am still waiting for the aluminum stock to show up. I will document the mounts as I go, you will see for yourself that they are somewhat unique. Feel free to copy, they cannot be patented as they are but a variation of a common theme and I am certain that they infringe on a previouse patent- but they will be a 5 station operation for any C-N-C shop as opposed to the 2 station operation that the manic mechanic mount represents.
    Propane? Yes, I've seen those weed whackers in hardware stores- there ARE possibilities there. I now understand that the popularity of the black anodized HT motor kits is because they hide the oil stains better. As for raw guts, I belive I have the best kind of courage as I have no idea what I am getting myself into- confidance born of ignorance and all that. I DO have the advantage that another industrialist was a friend of mine before he died- he sold me on the idea of mass lost wax investment casting having pioneered it in steel. Everybody laughed... now those who did not follow suit have folded. Seems in aluminum this ought to be a natural as I can use a gypsum product for the mold instead of slip clay- total investment falls into the hundreds, not the hundred thousands. I can build a propane smelter from a 55 gallon barrel with cast iron dippers and wrought iron clenches- easily cast 4-5 mills at a throw. Slow heat curing of the mold allows you to recover your wax. Gypsum can be re-ground. All a matter of designing and perfecting the master design that you pull your silicon molds off of- THESE are used to create your wax masters. 2 or 3 man operation, throwing casts that require a MINIMUM of milling... am I missing something here? Hmmmm... MIGHT step into 200-300 cc motorcycles from this if I earn enough $$$. Do them in propane but keep the technology primitive... trapeese springer forks on welded aircraft tubing frames styled after 1930's machines... but THAT's another pipe dream...
    the Old Sgt.
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    Motors arrived

    Six 48cc Grubee Skyhawk kits have arrived- somebody opened up the frame mounts on these things so that they drop right onto the Huffy frame! No plate and U-bolt in the front nor milling the rear! As my only previouse experiance is with the 'Flying Horse' sold me by five flags, this is an eye-opener. The difference in price between the two kits is not insurmountable, yet there are several changes that I consider upgrades- if the reliability/endurance factor of the motor is what I hear others talking about, then the other HT kits are not worth considering regardless of price. There is the idea that useing shims on the back mount of the engine to adjust distance might negate the need for the chain idler... I will have to play with that. I also got the high-performance carb on these bad boys. All-in-all, it will make for a handsome bike when finished- Monday the aluminum stock for the sprocket mounts arrive. I will do photos as I build.
    the Old Sgt.
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    your first mistake was buying anything from Kings Motors.;
  14. Sgt. Howard

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    How so? Delivery was on time and the merchandise was as promised- six Grubee skyhawk motors with the high performance carb. Excellent price as well.
    the Old Sgt.
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    Good luck to you on your new endeavor, and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. A little bit of luck is always a help in a new business--they have enough mountains to climb!
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    Good luck to you. If nothing else... make it fun and enjoy the experience.
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    I have two distributors for my bikes- one in Tonasket where they are made, another in Omak. There is another interested party in Walla Walla, but I have not solidified that deal. Brewster Manufacturing is just now starting the first batch of hub mounts with a few design changes- heavier bolts holding it together- I will advise as soon as they arrive. Also working on a website with a fellow who knows his beans on the subject. Thinking in terms of a Poker Ralley next Spring, covering 37 miles from Omak to Oroville. Things are looking good-
    the Old Sgt.:grin5:
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    No, I think BTO copied old Al. His was from around 1940.
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    Alles Gute fur Sie.