it can go. but it cant stop.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sebseb, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. sebseb

    sebseb New Member

    i have an old victa 2 stroke mower i recieved from a friend which didnt work.

    all that i did to it was take off the muffler and it worked. but the carby doesnt respond. the only way i have gotten it to turn off is by pulling out the spark plug. im guessing the float is stuck. But i have no idea what to do with it because it is a weird victa type with a snorkle to the air filter, located next to the throttle control

    any pointers would be appretiated

  2. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Just take the carb apart and spray the heck out of it with gumout (or some other carb cleaner/starter) and just wiggle all the pieces to make sure they're moving freely. Make sure to remove as much grime and goo as you can (if present.) It also sounds like your muffler must be clogged if taking it off allowed the engine to start. I'd suggest also spraying in the muffler with the carb cleaner or pouring some gas in there and shaking it up a lot to remove whatever carbon buildup is in there.
  3. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    just remember to remove ANY gas left in the muffler BEFORE installing!(kinda common sense,i know,but better safe than handless!):smile:
  4. sebseb

    sebseb New Member

    thanks for that!

    oh and i figured out why the muffler wasnt working. the out let was meant to be a circle but it was a rectange full of gunkk before it even had a chance to get to the muffler, the flow was restricted...
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  5. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    if you use an air gun....would it harm the muffler(aimed @ sirjakesus}?
  6. sebseb

    sebseb New Member

    i dont have an air gun.... i dont think it is clogged but the muffler pokes out the bottom of the mower and the hole is only pencil width by an inch :shock:
  7. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I dont see how blowing compressed air into a muffler to clean it out would hurt anything as they endure a lot of pressure and temperature variations during normal use. I just can't see it working very well unless you use a solvent first. I've used an air compressor to clean lots of hard to reach places on my bikes and it seems to work well at packing grease into tight places too. If the solvent itself doesn't work try scraping around in there with a screwdriver to clean things out a bit more. Just don't bang the driver in there as I know lots of mufflers have baffles and spark arrestors that you could damage and it would make the muffler noticeably louder.

    Good call about making sure all the gas/ solvent was drained completely first :) It would probably make a cool fireball though.
  8. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    youre right bout the fireball,but not if youre behind the muffler!:Razz:

    and,ive seen some solvents weaken some screwdriver might just give you a twin-tailpipe if the wrong solvents ARE USED!(just saying):):cool:
  9. sebseb

    sebseb New Member

    ive gotten the motor to work properly. I know its a 2 stroke, But muffler or no muffler, it still sounds like a jack hammer.:???: any sugestions why this mabye??
  10. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Is the blade balanced or hitting anything? It also kind of sounds like a compression issue, maybe time for new rings. Just a guess.
  11. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    is it smoking badly?(well for a 2 stroker?)
    then new rings(if yes)will be needed.

  12. sebseb

    sebseb New Member

    scottm, i took off the blades cause that was what i thought was making the bang originally But it was only on blade hitting it so the base could be uneven as well.

    since everything is rusted underneath i want to cut the nut off to get rid of the base. that wouldnt affect the bore would it?

    yes it does smoke rather thick + black for my liking

    so it would be the rings. yes?

    i dont have a clue how to get that fixed. is it easy to do or how much would it cost to get it done?
  13. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    usually,rings for these arent that expencive.(usually!)
    and,just take out the piston,get the old rings off,then CAREFULLY fit the new set on the piston(but i would recommend finding a shop to do it for you,if you havent done it before).