It had to happen... Starsky, Hutch & Me....



Got pulled over by an unmarked cop car on the way home from work last night, primarily for an unsignalled turn, coppers didn't really know what to make of the chopper, which made me feel good knowing I had to inform them of the laws concerning it!

One thing they did mention was the Model A taillight wasn't very bright, which I'll concede... I'll post some pics later of how I put this light together... after I go pick up the new motoredbikle, put some bunk beds together, dismantle a cot, re-arrange two kid's bedrooms......
antique lights, dating myself

Hi friend, well a long time ago I had bought a 1939 Mercury Club Coupe. She had a 59ab merc flathead 125hp engine (instread of the 85hp stock motor) Ported, relieved, and a bigger stroke.
I ran with a bunch of junk for pipes, and got pulled over one night out in the middle of the desert Agricultural area I lived in, and the Cop (at about midnite) tell's me he pulled me for dim taillites. 6 volt, pos ground 1939 Merc and he wants to be a lighting engineer???
I wasn't particularly drunk, and explained to him that those were the orig taillites, and they were good enuf for the feds and the state in '39. He let me go (was looking for drunks, or actually wanted to see my car) and the next day I improved my old Merc's lights, and here is how.
A) Go into mom's kitchen, search all cupboards till Aluminum foil package is located.
B) Open your taillite
C) line the inside of the housing with the shinyiest side of the foil towards the lens.
D) re-assemble taillite
E) go out in the dark and see how good you did!!!

We've used this trick on many vintage lights, and it will not damage anything, and really beefs up your lights.

that was kewl mike 8)
I remember my dad doing that when building hot rods with the blue dot tail lights!!
brought back some OLD memories :D
You guys crack me up!
Hey you know what? I'm almost 40 and going on 12!
"You're never too old to start being young!":LOL:
Mae west
Later dudes, I gotta go break in a hot rod Whizzer that'll smoke just about anything... 8)
Uncle Punk
i don't much appreciate the furtherance of the was merely humor gone bad. an olive leaf (and solution) was offered & refused!! that surprised me a bit, and disappointed me more :(