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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by Timbone, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Timbone

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    image.jpg Just when I was confident about having so much motorbiking fun this Summer, somebody swiped my bike. Cut both chains and pedaled off. They are just gonna trash it. Such a waste!

    I am very upset. I have worked so hard on this. Back to absolute square one.

    Louisville, KY is the crime scene. Police report has been filed.

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  2. butre

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    easy trick is to disconnect your clutch and your spark plug wire when you park it. unless they know the things you're not going to check and see what's wrong with the clutch.

    the only option at that point is to either cut the drive chain off and pedal it away or pick it up and load it into the back of a truck
  3. Legwon

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    butre, thats not gonna make a difference. mine was stolen about a month ago... had a flat tire!

    sorry to hear that your ride is gone Timbone. :(
  4. bakaneko

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    that sucks m8. it always suck to lose or have your creation implode. hopefully, you will get back at it again. btw, what chain did u use? level 4? i use a level 5 u-bolt but at one point had a level 1 threaded wire and level 0 padlock...
  5. bakaneko

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    btw, from your first photo. it looks like you have a security level 1 or 1.5 wire combo lock. i think with the money, sweat, and time we put into our machines we need at least level 4+, which are still pickable with lock picks but most of these locks have +4 pins so it would have to be a skilled lock picker who would probably not be in the profession of bike thief.

    also, there was a social experiment a while ago with a white and black guy literally sawing a bike chain in broad daylight in front of a big park path with tons of people. no one cared about the white guy or try to stop him, but many try to question or stop the black guy. regardless of the race thing my point is that dont rely on people alerting the police or intervening. they wont. our locks are the only protection
  6. FurryOnTheInside

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    Man that sucks. :-( I feel gutted for you. :(
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  7. butre

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    people will ride on a flat tire. that's nothing. you can't pedal with the clutch line disconnected.

    it prevents crimes of opportunity, if someone is stealing bikes they have a pickup truck they're loading them into. if someone sees a bike and thinks "I want that" they're probably going to try to ride it away
  8. jaguar

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  9. Frankfort MB's

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    I had a buddy had this happen to him in Frankfort. Disappointing thing is, the cops didn't do anything about it since they technically still are bicycles:(.... Been a year and no luck.
  10. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Hope you have better luck than he did
  11. johnsteve

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    just courious about a tracking device. do you think it might have helped? I know they are a bit expensive, but for the investment, it might be worth it. Has anyone on this thread had any experence with it?
  12. jaguar

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    I had one and saw how it worked before the rain seeped in and shorted it out. But if you get the type that mounts in the head stem then rain won't get to it.
  13. sully1617

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    for those who have a U-lock try putting it through the front sprocket and around the seat tube. this way the thief cannot peddle it to get it started. also if you have a disc brake you can put a lock through it and around the spokes to stop it from forward movement. disconnecting the clutch is a good idea also for those who understand how to set it up to do that. bottom line is if a thief wants it he will get it! all you can do is make it hard as hell for them to do it by what i call fort knox-ing the thing. multiple locks in many locations slow them way down and enough to make most give up.
  14. 45u

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    I hate a damn thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry to hear this and hope who ever took it burns in hell. Even thaw I keep mine in a garage I heep the alarm on both my motor bike and motorcycle.