It makes me so angry!

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    The other day i seen someone on a motorized pushbike doing a wheelie along a footpath without a helmet on,no t-shirt and had no baffle on the muffler. about a week ago i seen a another person doing about 50 kmh (almost keeping up with the traffic) without a helmet on right in the middle of the road. its people like that that practically makes the police have to do something about it so there is no dramas. and we responsible riders suffer. its just ridiculous that it comes down to a lousy 200 watts to be legal. like ive been told before (and i know for a fact) that some cordless drills has more power. its just wrong.

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    Prepare for much of that in life, not only in regards to MAB's.There are those that are oblivious to how their actions affect others.Be pro-active but don't get mad, it'll drive you nuts.Be safe yourself, be the best example you can be, sadly it's those that pick up the slack in any society that oil the machine.
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    I get equally upset about the actions of others who do their best to make a complete train wreck of the situation for those of us who use motorised bicycles in a responsible manner.

    Ironically our governments are only too quick to jump on the band wagon of "hitting responsible riders" with draconian legislation, just because there is some mindless belief that legislation will stop irresponsible people from acting irresponsibly.

    It's a bit like enacting legislation to ban guns to stop criminal violence. The "only" people who will surrender their guns (to stay within the law) are responsible law abiding citizens. leaving criminals to keep on doing business; making their life even easier as they can go about kicking in doors and ransacking homes, knowing that they won't be seeing the pointy end of a set of double barrels.

    The other thing that doesn't marry up is the concept of draconian legislation being enacted to save only "one life", because if you save only one life, and make life a misery for everyone else, then the legislation was worth it.
    I have never been able to grasp this concept when the government (of the country you live in) drafts legislation allowing the military to engage in an empire building exercise of another country with predictable loses in human life; from the soldiers to the (so called) combatants, to the civilians killed in the crossfire.

    Draconian legislation to save just one life, without the consent of the greater populace, yet with equal enthusiasm they draft legislation to kill the lives of hundreds if not thousands of others; also without the consent of the greater populace.

    As George Carlin so famously said: i don't believe anything our government tells us!
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    People will do stupid, wreckless things no matter how many laws we make or how many policemen we put on the street. The guys that do the stupid, reckless things are the reason we have to deal with 200w motor limitations.
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    and it still doesn't stop those who behave in a reckless and stupid manner, as they didn't obey the law before the new legislation was enacted and they will not obey the law "with" the new legislation enacted.
    The only result is that yesterdays law abiding citizen becomes tomorrows criminal, when the government shifts the goal posts without their consent.
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    That's the problem with human societies, everybody rails against, and want instant remedies for symptoms, but as soon as the cause of the social ills are brought up, nobody wants to hear it, essentially plugging their ears and going "LA LA LA LA!".
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    get in front, pull over, jam a stick in front wheel, see how long he can pop wheelie for :)

    carry larger, heavier stick in case wayne kerr wants to have a go.
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    well funny you say that because there was a big stick in the middle of the path and he just missed it.:grin5:
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    most cordless drills? i have an old razor usb scooter with a $90 ozito cordless drift on it as a friction drive- just a bit of fun haha, yea its 350 watt and pulls 22 kph - ohh sorry officer my cordless drill exceeds the legal limit due to stupid *****s on there bikes :( my aunty was actually ht in front of my by a guy on a motorised cruiser, se broke her ankle and was bruised- the guy flew off and was pretty scratched up as his bike too- turned out to be a lifan 4 speed semi auto 70cc 4 stroke... ridiculous, and we all have to suffer
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    lol where do you live that you see soo many motored bikes ?

    up on ma i have the only one i have ever seen in 3 years !!!

    wait i take it back ,,,, i seen one strapped to the back of a jeep a yaer ago lol

    i tool around my aria all the time and the cops wave to me and i wave back lol nobody bothers me !
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    Nobody bothers you "YET", but just give it a little time, especially when an ambitious local politician wants to get elected; running on surefire ticket of law-and-order (that the sheeple just love to suck up in copious quantity) and targets a politically disorganised and politically unfunded demographic comprising those people who ride motorized bicycles.

    Once elected to office, and with the stroke of a politicians pen, those "so called" friendly cops will become surprisingly unfriendly; and you'll find out in short order (and as a respectful citizen) how quickly you will become tomorrow's criminal.
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    hope your aunty is okay