it was a fun motor while it lasted

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    Hi i'm from Omaha ,NE and have been riding my mb for two and a half years with very few problems other than a lack of power. I recieved my first kit as a present from my friends who thought they were buying a 66cc from zoombicycles. The motor even had a sticker on it saying the displacement was 66cc. after removing the head today i compared it to my friends 66cc and his 49cc and realized that we had been tricked . It was only a 49cc with a 66cc sticker . I don't know if this type of thing happens often but it is not a cool thing for them to do. That motor has so many miles on it now i doubt they would take it back but that's ok ,I've had so much fun with it in these years and saved so much on gas it's ridiculous.
    i just ordered two 2011 grubee 66s . One for me and one for my girlfriend who is finally ready to start riding one to work and back. Its gonna be a another fun year of riding for me and i wish a safe and fun year of riding to everyone else out there.

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    Bait and switch, or just not sending what you ordered but paying for it doesn't surprised me one bit. But as far as the vendor, they don't usually do that. They don't open the boxes from China, can only read the contents printed on the box, and ship. The problem is not with the vendor, it is with the manufacture and labeling the product. Nothing wrong with a 49cc, (other then paying for a 66cc and getting a 49cc) in fact members seem to feel that they run smother.
    Don't blame the messenger (middleman), it wasn't his fault. And you never mentioned if you brought it to their attention or not. Heck, he just might reimburse the difference. The answer is ALWAYS NO until you ask. Contact the vendor, tell about it and see what they will do.
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