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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tinker1980, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Good man Tinker1980! Well done. True wealth is not what we've gathered unto ourselves , for that is generally just things. True wealth is the things we have done for others out of genuine kindness and generosity. Of these two types of wealth, which will you get to take with you when you leave this world? The rich man in our next plane of existence will be the man with great memories, for this may be the only thing we get to take with us.

    PS: I've ridden all the bike trails in Tulsa on one of my road bikes. Great cycling city.
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    A fine thing to do. Good job!

    Need I say more? Nah......

    2oldtolearn said it all just fine.
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    Not all satisfaction comes from audacity, anonymity and selflessness can be enough.
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    I stopped by yesterday to drop off a few things... a new pair of pedals, 44t sprocket, (There was a 36 on the bike) new 415 chain still in the bag, and some two stroke oil.

    Now I have this older 79cc HF four stroke... and access to a waterjet... What shall I create now?
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    Very nice of you, Tinker1980. I have given bicycles to unemployed people but not motorized bikes.
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    I'm thinking of a really bad a$$ water canon for those 2 Stroke MAB's that keep riding by your house with those loud expansion chambers!