It wasn't like this when i way a youngster

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Apr 5, 2014.

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    That's our young and entitled.Her boyfriend (law student?) helped her decision.What a delusional individual (and her inner ugliness shows through her years, that first pic, ARGGG!) She of course didn't have any standing and it was thrown out (laughed out), she's 18, she left, an adult, owed nothing.
    Life is going to hit her with reality-hammers repeatedly.
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    She lost her case and is living at home with her parents. Fortunately the judge hearing the case had some common sense and ruled on the parents side of the issue.

    Her girlfriend's Dad is an attorney and the scumbag is the one who pushed the issue to sue the parents. He also wanted the girl's parents to pay him for support that he provided.

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    id turn around and sue her for the half odd million or so it could have cost to have raised her... plus damages to income that may have been lost, the time, the social restrictions enforced by her general existence... the list gets longer and i shant give anyone any ideas...

    maybe sue each other for having raised such a misfit?
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