Italian motorcycle motors are WAY better!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Minnesota Hyena, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. I was surfing the internet and found out this italian motorcycle website.

    and the motors over there are no match for this chinese engines.

    for example 50cc 2cycle motors make 11500rpm and 11 horsepowers!!!

    but those engines are for mini motorcycles or something. :cry:

    I wish i could put that kinda engine on my bicycle but then the cops will

    chase after me :lol:

    but there is one engine made for bicycle and it's only 25cc and weak :cry:

    why don't they make the fast motors for bike :cry:

    here 's website.

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    wow, i'd like to see that 65cc on a bike :twisted:
  3. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    11hp? damn, thats like 4 times as much as mine has right now...
  4. etheric

    etheric Guest

    I think this 49cc is putting out close to 20hp.

    They just set the class record earlier this year.

    I love the idea of custom mounting a 50cc to a bike frame. Tons more things to consider, but mentally stimulating and so many more options.

    I think one of the reasons that they don't make really powerful kits for bikes is that it really wouldn't be that safe for the majority; lots of bikes out there are junk and not in good enough shape to even handle a Dax kit-let alone something really pushing power.
    Besides, when one of us gets around to actually making custom bike with proper/strong brakes, and a non-chinese engine, it'll be that much cooler-cause noone else has one!
  5. wow :!:
    50cc engine pushes up to 135mph?
    that must be the best engine in da world. :eek:
  6. etheric

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  7. Wrench66

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    Well, I just finished the bike you are speaking of :grin::grin:
    It's a 25yr old Schwinn single speed coaster brake beach cruiser using a drum front bake and a S5 Morini 50cc eng.
    And you're one else that I know of has built one like this yet.

  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :cool:Those 50cc engines with 11+hp are water-cooled. You'd have to install a radiator, water pump, hoses, belt, etc.

    Orrr you could run a 40cc POLINI air-cooled engine. I have one I'll tinker with, when I'm done with my Chinese pocket bike engine.

    The POLINI should fit my STATON gear drive or friction drive. This is another extremely high rpm engine, so stiff gearing is mandated.

  9. Bean Oil

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    I demand pics!!!1one...

    Hahaha... no, srsly. PICS! Please post some at your earliest convenience in the Picture Gallery forum (if you haven't already done so, sir).

  10. Wrench66

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    5-7......yes, seems quite impossible that a 50cc ANYTHING could be made to produce that level of performance:shock: But with a certain amount of reliability to be able to be in normal production for the masses? Amazing.

    Sir Bean......yes yes I realize that I was negligent in the photo area in my post. Pardon my oversight and have patience with me as many photos are being primed for the forum as we speak!
    I will rectify the situation upon my return from a lengthy vacation in Oklahoma (no motored bikes far).

    I DID post a link to a short u-toob vid a in an earlier post, though pics would be optimum.
  11. Bean Oil

    Bean Oil Guest

    Hahahaha... outstanding, sir!

    I bow to you in gratitude.

    Some pics of my Chinese two-stroke install into a cruiser are coming to the Gallery soon too; I have been remiss as well, my good man.

  12. kerf

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    Very interesting but I wonder just how well bicycle components will stand up to that much power? Moped and motorcycle frames, axles, wheels and brakes are much more robust than bicycles. Fun to think about though.
  13. Alaskavan

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    If you limit yourself to standard bicycle frames and components, you might find yourself... limited.
  14. dbigkahunna

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    Three things to keep in mind when starting to exceed 40 MPH on a bicycle. Tires, bearings and brakes. The tires need to be able to hold up to high speed, the bearings need to be able to withstand the increased heat and the brakes need you haul you backside down if you happen on one of the new and improved idiots that seem to be everywhere!
    Being a skoosh older, my dream bike will haul me and about 75 pounds of gear all day at 25 MPH getting 150 MPG. And a engine life of oh say 10,000 hours. Once one gets to a certain age, recovering from falling off moving equipment looses some of its luster.:???:
  15. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Well said.
  16. I like the small details on the engine like the fin stabilizers ( I guess that is what we do when we use rubber to keep the fins from "ringing").....but straight from the factory...nice touch....maybe they can be persuaded to make a mount for their engines so they can be bolted up like a happy Time!....That'd be nice....of course the engines may be a little wide.
  17. OldPete

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    I have a feeling that these Morini pocket bike engines are right hand drive. Sure would be good if it came off the left side.
  18. Alaskavan

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    They look like left side drive to me.
  19. OldPete

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  20. Sockmonkey

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    I too am an old guy... old enough to remember when "Italian motor" and "reliable" weren't used in the same sentence without an "un" between them. :smile:

    I've been into RC flying for almost 25 years and my experience is that long lasting, and high performance just don't seem to hang out together. Think of NASCAR, They rebuild their engines after each race!