its alive! im motorized!

well ive finally gone & done it! me & the dogs & augidog got the old higgins motorized today! it was a grand time of tinkering fidgitry & it slowly came to life! what a flash to my past & the many hours spent with such projects, its odd i used to cuss a lot & throw things but now i find my self slowing down as to catch the finer points ect. & is really a theraputic zen thing!! heres a few evolution shots of the project. mind you this is a temporary set up just to get her rolling! i have many mods & goodies planned for this bike! peewee herman eat your heart out!


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I am honored to be the first to post a coRngratulations!

That bike is retro heaven!!!... Looking good!


Edit: LOL! The Caddy tailight! Hahaha... Outstanding!
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I agree with AZ/Bill put the colts back on, only mount them on the handle bars pointing forward. Nice to have good friends huh Wavy? Looks great.
Forget the Colts. Bladder the OE "tank" instead... tossing that bit-O-vintage-style is a shame. The bike in it's original config is so Buck Rogers it's beautiful!

Whatever... the bike is classic either way. Nice to have it up and running!
I love everything, what a treasure, and the cap guns now that is the Cats Meow. Have fun, and congrats on a neat job. Dave