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  1. ok I know that this will probably get deleated soon if not right away, but please share in my joy and advise me oh great senior member ones! I haven't had to post too many questions as most of the answers were allready here. But my happy time not really 80cc that has ben sitting on a bike on my wall hanger for allmost a year is now a runner thanks to the information I got from here.
    The crappy instructions that I got from the guy I bought it from on ebAY had me wired the hold for on kill switch in line w/ the coil so it never would have fired unless I had been holding it in the whole time, thanks for the thread that explained how to do it right mister right.
    The first time I tried to pop it the chrome moster chain broke, replace links, brake..... thanks for the thread about what size chain to really run, good ole bmx works fine.
    I look forward to helping all yall w/ any bycycle side questions yall might have, and I am sure manny of yall will have some great advice for me regarding these next few miles. I humblely look forward to such but for now I gotta go ride:cool::grin::cool:

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  2. HoughMade

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    What your really need is smaller wheels.

    Glad you got it going!
  3. tension cog

    I should note that the floating ring in the chain is used to provide eniugh tension. It is a old trick form single speed and fixed gear biking. It also alows a litle cushion to the snap from the motor so you don't bust spokes. I am running a 24t gear on a 20in (406mm +54mmx2=514mm dia)
    you can see it in the pics above
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    looks good do the floating rings work that well i think i'll try it on another bike with tension issues
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    That ought to fly pretty good but my neck hurts just looking at your handlebars.

    Am glad you're running.
  6. That Ghost sprocket is fly!
    How many teeth in your rear sprocket?
    I assume that's a 20 inch rim.
    Man with that gearing you must get some serious speeds with that.
    And how did you get that sprocket to mount up?
  7. call me ghost sprocket

    The ghost sprocket I like to think is the crowning touch, thanks. Haven't finished the break in time yet so haven't had a chance t really rip on but w/ the current ratio it is safely hitting 30 , the downfall being that you have to pedal up to about 15 w/ those litle wheels, before you can let the motor kick in some power too or it will bog out.
    I am running a 24t blackspire heavy duty bike cog for a 4 bolt crank. These things are made for downhilling and bashing so theyare monster strong. Its previous life was onmy race mountain bike,then my singlespeed mountain bike, and then on my bmx. a few scratces in the anodizing but otherwise suvived w/ almost no wear so i figured itould be plenty strong for this aplication.
    I mounted it using 4 10mm bolts ring- large washer-ruber washer- spokes- larg washer- small washer- nut ans tn nylon jam nut. the large washers I mounted in a vise afew mm from the hole than hammered them over to form a L so tht they centered my bolt patern around the hub shell.
    W the 24t and te 20 inch wheel the gearing is roughly rqual to if I had a 31t cog w/ a 26" rim you can get away w/ 0 (406mm) rims using your cantilever mounts w/ u brakes well time to go tinker some more.:cool:
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    Anyone else running this set up? I know its a kinda old thread. I'm considering giving it a spin.
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    I'm glad you found this old thread, I would have never seen it. It has a sort of super motard look that is popular with the motorcycle crowd now. I like the look but what draws me to it is the huge space behind the seatpost for a friction drive I want to try. Later, Milogasser.
  10. ozzyu812

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    motard? looks ingenious too me!
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    A bit deeper search will find some not so good results with the "ghost ring" tensioner.
    It's in there somewhere but I recall some posts about that ring flying out and becoming a buzzsaw.