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    woops posted earlier in wrong thread sorry admin etc etc...

    Just came back from my first ride.....

    Most of you who dont live within a city i envy you, been fit to crank your engine up and start driving at the door step must be heaven, which leads to my first point, the kit certainly puts extra weight on the bike but after a few minutes and a ride for about a mile to get out of the neighbourhood i was able to crank the baby up.

    (I purchased a 33 tanaka from gebe the install went well i will do another post showing the build.)

    Thank goodness i had installed the kill switch...,since i hadnt tied any cables just looped them around the frame (after all this was the first trail run, why bother).On the second pull the bike almost flew off on me not realizing the throttle trigger was tight at max revs....whoops..

    Anyhow unwrapped the throttle and started to ride, the first 5 to 10 minutes i was a bit weary after my near miss not to long ago, but started to settle down and enjoy the ride. After 30 mins of zooming around i know this was a wonderful investment and i will spend many happy hours driving around.

    Still am concerned about the noise isssue although it doesnt bother me the engine sounds great you hardly notice it idling. Have spent hours surfing since i want to use the bike as a commuter and will be riding residential for about 10 miles..

    I wonder if this would work
    although the lowest model is designed for 2 horsepower and it comes at a major price but it would be worth it for me if it can quieten down the noise.

    anyhow today i will see if can learn how to upload pics etc, so i can show you my bike. Will also be starting a new thread in the electric section as i spent most of yesterday fitting a kit to my wifes trike, what a fun ride that has turned out to be, stay tuned more to come....

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    Rock on! Take two.
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    Very cool! Thanks for your post.

    I would check with Dennis at Golden Eagle about the muffler. I'm pretty sure he recommends that people wait until after the break-in period before adding anything to the system.

  4. Do a search on this board about what folks did to
    quiet down their engines with custom DIY mufflers.
    There are a LOT of threads, and a lot of very inexpensive solutions.
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    As you might already know, am trying to craft a low-cost muffler/silencer from copper plumbing materials.

    Still, always looking for ideas.

    I emailed for prices and specs on resonator. May have some sort of application using their plates...

    You never know...