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    I have been creeping this sight for a while and now that i an near completion i thought it time so reveal my self. Here it goes "My name is Zach and i have a motorized bicycle" ahh feels good to say that. I do not, however, have a working MB. No throttle response, when choke on WOT, when clutch pulled to neutral after start she dies, and black blow out from exhaust. I tried the "long slot short slot carb slide switcharoo" but to no avail. I have been and will continue to search form. I really don't want to take it any where, i would like to fix and understand the engine my self. That was part of the draw for this ordeal. your old post have helped me already so thank you for that. any ideas now would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

    _Yacht Master_(when i am done with the bike i post picks you'll understand the name after that. thinking about it now seems a little pompous :euro: )